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A Guide to Rewriting Digital Marketing Content: 3 Best Paraphrasing Tools

The content in digital marketing only becomes effective if it is unique. And text-rewriting is one of the most popular ways to make your content unique. But rewriting can only make your content unique if done correctly.

So, if you want a comprehensive text rewriting guide, this blog post will be ideal for you. Here, we will discuss different tips and tricks for rewriting the content. However, besides the rewriting tips, we will review the three best tools for rewriting digital marketing content. So, without any further delay, let’s delve in.


How to Rewrite the Content?

The term ‘rewriting’ refers to modifying the wording of the original content without changing its meaning. So, consider the following tips to rewrite the content without falling prey to any type of plagiarism.

Understand the Original Theme:

reading book

Figure 1: This image is taken from

The first step for producing a compelling piece of rewritten content is to understand the theme of the original content. This phase is crucial because the quality of rewritten content is directly proportional to the understanding of the original content.

It will also help in keeping the content’s original theme intact during rewriting.Thus, read the original material thoroughly and highlight the key talking points during reading. However, once you have gathered the main idea of the content, you can move to the next phase.

The Actual Rewriting Phase:

The next phase is where the actual rewriting happens. So, you can try different techniques for rewriting the content. But the following techniques are the most common text-rewriting strategies among digital content creators.

Some General Text Rewriting Tips:

  • One of the most effective rewriting techniques is changing the sentence’s structure. For instance, you can convert conditional sentences into inverted conditional sentences and active voice into passive voice during rewriting.

active image

Figure 2: This picture indicates the conversion of active voice to passive voice

conversion of conditional to inverted conditional sentences

Figure 3: This image indicates the conversion of conditional to inverted conditional sentences

  • Besides modifying the structure of sentences, you can try a thesaurusand replace some specific words with their relevant synonyms during rewriting.
  • Generally, the first sentence of a paragraph describes the main theme of the paragraph. So, another popular text-rewriting approach is to try a different starting point for a paragraph.

Take Assistance From Technology:

Take Assistance From Technology

Figure 4: This picture is taken from

The conventional way of rewriting the text is only effective for people having better writing skills. But what if you don’t have a good command of writing something on your own? In such a situation, you can try a paraphrase tool online.

As the name depicts, a paraphrasing tool online works on advanced AI algorithms. So, advanced algorithms allow such tools to produce human-level paraphrasing without modifying the context.

Thus, with AI paraphrasing tools in the bag, you won’t need top-notch writing skills to rewrite the content. However, you will still have to modify the AI-rewritten content according to your needs.

Cite the Sources:

The purpose of rewriting the content is to avoid plagiarism and duplication issues. But you can only prevent the claims of plagiarism through content rewriting if you have cited the sources of the original material.Thus, the last tip for rewriting digital marketing content is to cite the source of the original information.

The 3 Best Paraphrasing Tools:

Searching the internet for the rephrase my sentence’ query brings 8.3 million results. So, the internet has a plethora of paraphrasing tools. But the availability of several options makes it challenging for newbies to select one option.

So, if you are in such a situation, you can take assistance from our selection of the three best paraphrasing tools.


Figure 5: This picture represents the main interface of’s Rephrase (Paraphrasing Tool)

The rephrasing tool of is a freemium rewriter tool that rephrases 500 words for free. However, if you want to paraphrase more than 500 words, you must purchase its premium plan.

This rephrasing tool works on advanced AI technologies, like NLP and GPT-3. The NLP technology helps this tool in detecting the context. However, the GPT-3 technology allows this tool to rewrite the text like humans. So, while rewriting the text as humans, this rephrasing tool won’t change the context.

How Does’s Rephrasing Tool Present the Output?

Let’s take a look at how the rephrasing tool of presents the output:

Figure 6: This image indicates how the Rephrasing Tool of presents the output

Pros of’s Rephrasing Tool:

  • You won’t have to input your banking details to try this tool’s features.
  • It takes assistance from five rephrasing modes. So, for one input, you will have different variations of paraphrased text.
  • Besides English, this rephrasing tool can rephrase the text in 20 popular languages.
  • Trying this tool is entirely safe because, according to the privacy policy of this tool, it doesn’t share the uploaded data.
  • As we’ve already mentioned, this rephrasing tool works on advanced AI algorithms. So, considering the output of this rephrasing tool’s modules, it is an accurate paraphrasing tool.
  • Since algorithms work at the backend of this tool, it will provide you with unique output every time.
  • This online tool is among the best paraphrasing websites because its ‘Blog’section is ideal for clearing various confusions regarding paraphrasing.
  • This rephrasing tool also has an android and iOS application. So, if you have liked the above-discussed features of this rephrasing tool, you can enjoy the same features on your smartphone.
  • Similarly, you can also add this tool’s rephrasing module to your platform by integrating its API.
  • Unlike other websites, the official website of this tool provides comprehensive documentation assistance for API integration. So, even beginners can easily integrate this rephrasing tool’s API.

Cons of’s Rephrasing Tool:

  • If you have not purchased the premium plan of this rephrasing tool, you can only rephrase 500 words in one go with this tool.
  • Although it takes assistance from five AI rephrasing modes, you can only try two modes if you have not purchased its premium plan.
  • The API integration of this rephrasing tool is available for premium members.
  • There is no option for excluding a few words during paraphrasing.

Rephraser Online Sentence-Rephraser Best Word Rephraser is a top-notch online paraphrasing tool that can help you polish the quality of the content and make it easy to read for the readers.

Most experts recommend this AI tool because of its unique and authentic results.

This online paraphraser makes sure to keep the new content unique without losing it’s real meanings.

This online paraphrasing tool comes with multiple modes of paraphrasing.

Which means you can renew a single article in multiple ways.

You will get 5 modes in this paraphrasing tool which includes general, fluency, formal, academic, and blog mode.

This will help you recreate the content in diverse ways.

This paraphraser allows you to paraphrase 250 words in a single go. Interestingly, you can rephrase the content in general and fluency mode for free.

Not only this, but the rephraser also makes sure to avoid the duplication factor in the content and provides you with new content that is 100% unique and easy to understand.

How Does’s Paraphrasing Tool Present the Output?

The results generated by this online paraphrasing tool are always unique and easy to understand.

Let’s have a look at the output that is generated from this online paraphrasing tool.

Pros of’s Rephrasing Tool

  • There is no need to add a credit card number while using the free modes. In fact, you can rewrite the articles without any registration process.
  • You can use this online tool in multiple languages. This paraphrasing tool supports different languages that include Spanish, Italian, English, Dutch, French, Turkish, etc.
  • This online paraphrasing tool makes sure to keep the data of the users safe and never share the information with any other party.
  • Trying this online tool, you will never see any change in the real meanings. The paraphrased version will have the same as of the uploaded content.
  • co provides you with new content that is quite easy to read. The rephrased version of the article will be just like written by a human.

Cons of’s Rephrasing Tool

  • Allows you to rephrase the content up to 250 words. This limit can be increased easily using the premium mode.
  • You can’t exclude the words from the paraphrasing box while rephrasing the content.
  • Needs a strong internet connection.
  • Offers two free modes only. To try the other three modes you will have to go for the premium plan.


Figure 7: This picture represents the main interface of’s Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool of is another freemium AI-based paraphrasing tool. However, unlike the previous tool, this paraphrasing tool will allow you to paraphrase 600 words for free.

So, if you want to increase its word limit to 1500 words, you will have to become its premium member. Like the previous tool, this fluent paraphrasing tool works on the same AI algorithms: Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT-3).

So, the developers of this tool have taken assistance from deep learning to train the GPT-3 model and reword the text as humans. On the other hand, the NLP algorithm will allow this tool to maintain the context during paraphrasing.

How Does’s Paraphrasing Tool Present the Output?

Here is an example of how’s paraphrasing tool presents the output:

Paraphraser 2

Figure 8: This image indicates how the Paraphrasing Tool of presents the output

Advantages of’s Paraphrasing Tool:

  • Besides paraphrasing, the paraphrasing engine of this tool also corrects grammatical errors and typos. So, there is no need to try a separate grammar checker with this tool.
  • Although this tool has four AI paraphrasing modes, the result of each mode is similar to the rephrasing modes of the first tool.
  • Like the first tool, this paraphrasing tool can also paraphrase the content in 21 popular languages.
  • The platform support of this paraphrasing tool is a bit more extensive than the first tool, as it also has a dedicated application for macOS systems. So, besides Android and iOS applications, you can also try the same features of this paraphrasing tool on a macOS system.
  • The official website of this tool also teaches you about the different concepts related to paraphrasing. So, you can navigate to the ‘Blog’section of the official website to clear up any confusion related to paraphrasing.
  • Like the first tool, you can add this paraphrasing tool to your platform with the help of its API.
  • Since the website provides comprehensive API documentation, you can easily integrate its API with your platform.
  • This paraphrasing tool has a dedicated WordPress plugin. So, if you have a WordPress website or blog, you won’t have to integrate its API. Instead, you can download the WordPress plugin and integrate it with your platform within a few clicks.
  • If you are an affiliate content creator, you can take assistance from its affiliate program and earn money by referring it to others.

Disadvantages of’s Paraphrasing Tool:

  • As a visitor, you can only try its two paraphrasing modes.
  • Although the WordPress plugin of this tool is available for free, if you want to integrate this tool’s API with your platform, you must purchase its premium plan.
  • Like the first tool, the word count limit of this paraphrasing tool is not ideal for paraphrasing a lengthy form of content in one go. So, you must purchase its premium plan to increase the word limit of this tool.
  • This tool has no option for excluding a few words during paraphrasing.

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Paraphrasing Tool by


Figure 9: This picture represents the main interface of’s Paraphrasing Tool

The third paraphrasing tool is another freemium tool. However, its paraphrasing is as good as all the two discussed above. Despite having a powerful paraphrasing algorithm, it takes assistance from multiple paraphrasing modes.

So, each mode will produce a different variation of paraphrased text. This way, you can compare the output of different modes and pick a better one according to your needs.

How Does’s Paraphrasing Tool Present the Output?

Prepostseo benefits

Figure 10:This image indicates how the Paraphrasing Tool of presents the output

Benefits of Prepostseo’s Paraphrasing Tool:

  • As you can see in the output of this tool, it takes assistance from different colors to highlight various changes in the output. So, this tool’s UX is better than the first two tools.
  • Unlike the first two tools, this paraphrasing tool has no word count limit. So, you can paraphrase the lengthy form of content in one go with this tool.
  • Like the first two tools, the paraphrasing tool of Prepostseo is another multilingual tool. So, you can paraphrase in non-native languages with this tool.
  • Sometimes, you don’t want to modify some specific words during paraphrasing. So, if this situation represents your case, you can take assistance from this tool’s exclude box and enter those words by separating them through commas.
  • This paraphrasing tool provides access to three paraphrasing modes in the free plan. So, even if you are a visitor, you will still have enough options in the bag to test the worth of this tool.
  • Like the other two tools, you can integrate this tool’s paraphrasing API into your platform with the help of comprehensive documentation.
  • Besides the conventional ways of entering the text, you can directly import a document file from Google Drive to this tool.

Drawbacks of This Paraphrasing Tool:

  • Too much ads in the free version.


Content rewriting is a process that can help you get rid of sentences that are too long, too dull, or simply not appealing to your target audience. Content rewriting allows you to improve your digital marketing content by creating new phrases and shortening them into a few words.

Doing so will raise interest in your content and give it more power toward conversion. However, the benefits of content rewriting are only possible if you have done it correctly. So, if you want to learn the correct way of rewriting the text, you can read the above discussion.

Besides the different text-rewriting ways, the above discussion also reviews the three best paraphrasing tools. So, read the above discussion to find an appropriate tool for your needs.

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