6 ways in which 5G is transforming Mobile App Development!

Ever since the inception of the 5G network, many speculations have been made about the effectiveness and efficiency of the network. However, many believe it is just an upgraded version of 4G which is totally not the case. 5G is a whole new architecture in the communication and network industry. Loaded with higher superiority, 5G is not just set to change how we use mobile phones but will be transforming the mobile app development industry.

Let’s look at 6 ways in which 5G is transforming Mobile App Development:

5G is transforming Mobile App Development

Faster Speed

It goes without saying that 5G is faster than ever. According to Intel, 5G offers around 100 times faster speech compared to its predecessors. With faster cellular speed from 50Mbit/s to 2Gbit/s downloads and file transfer is to be faster than ever. And that is just the beginning, the 5G in the future could deliver up to 10 gigabytes of data in a second.


When it comes to connection density, 5G seems to have revolutionized the way smartphones interconnect with devices. Mobile apps supporting IoT (internet of things) will be even more advanced as 5G offers connectivity to up to a million devices. And the increase in numbers is not the only thing, with 5G the implementation of IoT will be smoother and flawless, as the apps will be consuming less power. All kinds of smart gadgets and wearable devices will have impeccable connectivity with 5G allowing developers to move even further with wearable app development.


Needless to say, 5G enforces minimum latency issues. 5G networks are said to have cut latency to just one millisecond which was around half a second in 4G. This comes as a boon for app developers since this will make the user experience even more seamless.

Better AR and VR Integration

Developers have been facing a lot of issues in developing better AR and VR-integrated applications due to the lack of quality networks. With 5g limitations faced by AR and VR apps being lifted, we will be able to experience Artificial reality and Virtual reality will be integrated on an advanced level. From eCommerce to the gaming industry, all are to benefit largely from the enhancement of AR and VR offered by 5G.

Increased Battery Life

Consumption of battery life has been a long-standing issue for devices. Slow and unoptimized networks consume time to execute tasks leading to extra consumption of the battery of the device.

The lightning speed of the 5g network completes tasks in less than seconds which leads to optimized usage of battery empowering us to flexibly use a mobile application for much longer.

Increase in GPS performance

All applications based on GPS technology will experience a big leap towards greater precision with 5G. Apps are to witness better real-time accuracy The speed and connectivity improvement will lead to all-around up-gradation in navigation-based applications. This will certainly come as a significant boost to the automotive and delivery industry.

With 5G gradually pacing through the world and severely influencing the mobile app industry, we will see faster and better apps and futuristic use of AR and VR. The enhanced user experience will enable users to become more liberal in using and trying an even broader range of mobile applications, leading to a higher demand for apps all over the world.

5G is transforming Mobile App Development


What impact will 5G have on marketing?

Companies will be able to deliver higher-quality, interactive, and immersive experiences across a broader range of connected devices thanks to 5G. Marketers will now be able to acquire more precise and granular data in order to customise messaging.

What are the drawbacks of the 5G network?

The primary downside of 5G is that it has limited worldwide coverage and is only available in select areas. Only cities will see significant benefits from the 5G network, while outlying locations may not have service for several years. Furthermore, when compared to other networks, the costs of establishing tower stations are significant.

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