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Guide to Local SEO — 8 Useful Tips for your Business in 2022

Local SEO simply means search engine optimization for local businesses to target potential audiences of a specific region.

A whopping 88% of customers do a local search on a smartphone or call the business within a day. We didn’t throw just a random stat at you. This is verified research showing the power of local SEO for small businesses.

The SEO landscape is evolving every day. It’s not the 90s when keywords were the sole contributors to SEO success. Today, search engine algorithms change a hundred times every year.

One of the critical factors that affect your online success is local SEO. If your business isn’t locally optimized, you can say goodbye to a plethora of potential customers.

You wouldn’t like that!!

So, local SEO is important to surpass your rival businesses on SERPs, say Hi to new clients, and improve your online presence. All you need is an experienced SEO company to handle your brand with its comprehensive digital marketing services.

Here is a full-scale guide on making your business dominate the web for prospects who use local search to buy products and services.

Google My Business Boosts Local SEO

Google My Business or GMB is a ‘crème de la crème’ for consumers who buy products and services using local search. Since Google verifies, shares, and gives more importance to its own content, GMB can help your business meet Google’s specific requirements.

To optimize for GMB, a company has to:

  • Create and verify a GMB page.
  • Add Google Posts within your account.
  • Request customers to share their experiences and reviews online.
  • Revert to reviews positively, specifying services and location.

Having a well-maintained GMB account is not only to improve local SEO. Keeping your business address, contact, and working hours updated helps future customers to find you.

Add your agency name, address, and phone number

The sole purpose of your company is to be found easily and provide consumers with what they are looking for. To achieve that, add your NAP.

NAP is short for your agency’s name, address, and phone number (with a local area code). A consistent NAP is vital when a search engine crawls HTML text on your company website. It also helps give precise results for location-based searches.

Heads-up: A common mistake business owners should avoid is only adding NAP in an image. Ensure to include NAP within the HTML text because images can’t be crawled.

The common place where you can add NAP is the Footer of your website. In addition, you can add it to the “Contact Us” page.

Conduct a local SEO audit   

Did you know most online stores shut down within a year?

Do you know why?

Probably because these businesses put in effort without measuring the results. They forget to audit their progress or track their performance, leading to their debacle.

Understand that search engine optimization isn’t a one-time thing but an ongoing process. Some agency owners might find performing an audit difficult. It is not. It includes:

  • GMB Audit – How does your GMB appear on the search result pages? Is the information correct?
  • Google Search Console Audit – Is your website easy to crawl for Google bots? Does it have any issues that might hinder indexing?
  • Competition Analysis – Is your website doing better than your competitors? Is there any gap that needs closing? How much effort did you put into inbound links, content, design, etc.?
  • On-Page SEO Audit – Does your site contain all the on-page SEO components that can help to rank?
  • Website Audit – How good is your website’s performance?

Keep your social media & GMB account updated

Posts shared on social media have more significant weightage than ever, and Google greatly prefers that. Don’t forget to share your Google My Business page on your social media accounts.

Internal link building is important

While external link building (external links redirecting to your website) is essential from an SEO point of view, spending time structuring internal linking can significantly improve your SEO ranking.


  • Enhances website navigation
  • Provides website hierarchy
  • Offers page authority and ranking power among web pages

To boost your website ranking with quality link-building SEO services, Master Infotech is your go-to guy.

Optimize meta titles, descriptions, URLs, and headers

Every new blog post submitted on your website means a new opportunity to target to boost our online presence.

When you write new content, you must optimize it for search engines—for example, adding high-volume keywords in the meta title, meta description, URL, heading, subheading, and body. If you face issues optimizing with geo-targeted content, get in touch with any expert SEO Company.

Key Note: If you add specific keywords and locations to these elements (meta title, description, headers, URL, etc.), chances are your website will be significantly optimized for “near me” search results.

Create pages for diverse locations

Build pages for all locations if you have more than one store location. When you do that, you offer your prospects and customers more specific information, such as name, contact information, address, store description, working hours, testimonials, and more.

Avoid duplicating content for all locations. It declines your company’s credibility. Build a new, descriptive “About Us” page for every location. Do you know what can benefit you more? — Adding a Google Map to your website for a particular location.

Make your website mobile-first

Shopping through mobile is pretty common these days. Around 61% of all Google searches are done on smartphones.

Consumers visit your website to check reviews, search for directions to your store, and find phone numbers. Moreover, since 2017, “near me” searches have tremendously increased by 250%.

Thus, it is essential to make your website mobile-friendly for your prospects to navigate with ease.

Enhance your online presence with local SEO services

Use these tips to improve your rank and online presence. Remember that you don’t need the highest authority in the world – just higher enough to beat your competitors. Make sure you know the latest SEO practices as SEO services are evolving daily. So, having a good SEO company like Master Infotech by your side can give you an edge over your rivals. Let us help you gain brand recognition and site authority online.

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