How AI is Incredibly Changing The Education Industry

How AI is Incredibly Changing The Education Industry

What comes into your mind when you think of AI or artificial intelligence? Is it a myth or a concept that you can’t relate to? AI is everywhere, right from our homes, and businesses, and now in learning centers. The rate of technological advancements is impacting all industries and the education landscape is among them.

So, whether you are actually ready to embrace AI or not clearly versed in AI vs. machine learning, you may want to read this blog.

AI in the Education Industry

AI is a top-notch technology and is currently considered a pillar in the education space. Its application is vast and besides that, it can boost learning experiences. Findings also indicate that the global AI in the education landscape is expected to reach $3.68 billion U.S. by 2023 with China and the US as key players.

However, regardless of the country, you are based in or a teacher or a student, you can leverage AI in many ways. So, here is how Artificial Intelligence is changing the education industry;

1. Information Accessibility

More than ever before, artificial intelligence is simplifying learning in many ways. With the help of the internet, students can learn anywhere and at any time. Learning technologies are also increasing online learning which is helping students to attain the quality education and cost-effective programs.


This has also provided 24/7 assistance to learners. They don’t have to reach physical classrooms to learn or attain knowledge. With the help of computers and an LMS (learning management system), students can pursue their preferred courses or access the information they require.

Artificial Intelligence has also indicated the potential in helping students with learning disabilities. There are now tools such as advanced speech synthesis technologies that offer better learning experiences to students. These allow students to attain SMART goals regardless of whether studying in-person or online.

2. Digital Classrooms

Unlike traditional learning and teaching methods, Artificial Intelligence is modernizing learning centers globally. Using AI in a classroom upgrades learning experiences and also increases engagement. With the help of AI, educators can opt for audio and visual tools that enhance learning.


Also, lesson planning with AI is a walkover as teachers only need to use Artificial Intelligence systems to create optimized lesson plans. Generally, those that address learning gaps and bestow students with relevant knowledge.

In addition, teachers don’t need to spend a lot of time grading students. AI systems can automatically grade students and provide crucial insights that can help a teacher introduce better teaching strategies.

That is to help students perform better in a specific subject or push for collaboration, generally between low-performing and high-performing students.

3. Personalized Learning

No student is the same and in fact, however much a class may have excellent learners, all these students require tailored instruction to perform better. Unlike the traditional teaching approach that focuses on the average student, Artificial Intelligence systems lay a platform for personalized learning.


Generally, learning experiences can help students learn as per their strengths, weaknesses, and pace. With tailored learning, students who are low performers are helped to learn or digest material better.

On the other hand, high-performers get the chance to proceed to material that enhances their knowledge bank. Tailored learning has proven to be an effective learning strategy for all types of students.

Therefore, this approach can also follow a range of active learning strategies that you may be leveraging in your classroom.

4. Task Management

Teaching is a tedious job and quite tasking. However, unlike before, teachers can now leverage Artificial Intelligence to simplify their tasks, whether administrative or classroom duties. AI generally allows the automation of tasks and this can reduce teacher burnout.


With the help of Artificial Intelligence, teachers can effortlessly accomplish administrative tasks and as well create more time for their students. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, teachers can grade tests, plan lessons, identify learning gaps, and as well understand the number of students who may require additional assistance.

In addition, AI is pushing for seamless collaboration between teachers and students. Teachers can work on the same projects regardless of the distance. That is whether they work co-jointly with colleagues or students.

5. Content Suggestion

One of the best capabilities of AI is content or product recommendation. Some people think that AI recommendations are best situated in the eCommerce realm, but that’s not true. AI content recommendations are also very much alive in the education field.


With the help of AI, students can access higher-quality information or related courses. That’s because AI learns with every interaction, thanks to machine learning. Through this, students can optimize their learning experiences.


There are many capabilities of AI in the education landscape, and they are expected to increase. When coupled with other technologies like VR (virtual reality), these realities are altering both learning and teaching experiences. AI particularly, is considerably cheap and can easily be implemented in a classroom.

AI can help teachers work smarter and optimize their teaching efforts. It can also help students to tailor learning as per their preferences. With that, Artificial Intelligence possibilities are showing massive aptitude in transforming education.

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