AI vs Machine Learning-What are their differences

AI vs. Machine Learning: What are their differences?


Have you ever wondered how Google provides you suggestions even before you type in any query? Or how do these shopping apps create a hundred similar choices for you after you like just one product, or how does Netflix create a series of shows & movies to watch, similar to your interests?

Well, the answer is quite simple and many of us already know. But why not dive deep into the latest inventions of technology?

We all have heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI)— its growing popularity and how it’s taken over the market. But the real question is, what is AI and how does it work? How is Machine learning connected to it and what is the difference between ai & ml? Above all, how can you build ai with PHP language?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence

Science has seen a lot of advancements and especially when it comes to technology there is no end to the remarkable discoveries. With the discovery of computers, laptops, tablets, mobiles, and smart watches human life has become more productive and enjoyable. Amongst all these inventions one such discovery was Artificial Intelligence in 1956, which today has dominated the tech industry. So, what exactly is AI?

In simple terms, AI is what solves human queries and difficulties; however, the secret behind how AI is able to answer all our problems is the foundation of this high-functioning technology.

Humans with knowledge of programming and software development train machines in such a manner that those machines can duplicate intelligent behavior. The computer, laptops, mobile, cars, and many more such tools that we use are programmed with algorithms to make our daily lives easy.

So, when today you talk to Alexa and ask her questions to which she instantly replies is the very best example and it is a success of Artificial intelligence. A machine is showing the characteristics of human intelligence.

Companies today hire dedicated developers to build AI for their business apps and websites. A lot of businesses are considering hiring a dedicated PHP developer too considering the massive growth, high performance, flexibility, and inexpensive investment of this open-source scripting language

What is Machine Learning?

What is Machine Learning

Machine learning, as the name suggests, is the training of machinery to obtain data that humans can use in a minimum amount of time for their queries. Your computer will find solutions to problems by collecting historical or already existing data.

The major difference between ML & AI is that Machine learning is a subfield or part of artificial intelligence (AI). The algorithm used is so advanced that it is able to perform reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making that not only save humans a lot of time but also offers quality and genuine work.  

What is the difference between AI & Machine learning?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning has various differences even though it might not seem like that. That’s because AI & ML are so interconnected that most of the time it is difficult to differentiate between the two. So, to give a clear understanding of both technologies let’s compare the two:


a. AI– AI is where machines are programmed to do things that would generally need human intelligence, like grasping natural language and recognizing objects.
b. ML– Machine learning is a subset of AI. On the other hand, Machine Learning is where machines are taught how to learn from data, without being explicitly programmed.


a. AI– AI has many diverse varieties of applications like Machine learning, natural language procession, and many more that form its foundation.
b. ML– Machine learning are a part of AI and has only one task.


a. AI– Creating intelligent systems for multiple jobs.
b. ML– ML just performs the task of building intelligent machines for a specific task.


a. AI– AI makes the decision of what kind of data to use.
b. ML– Here the machines learn to collect accurate data to be used by AI.


a. AI.

There are three types of AI

  • Narrow or weak AI  
  • General AI
  • Super AI

    b. ML

    There are three types of ML

  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Reinforcement Learning

Data Types

a. AI- AI handles structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.
b. ML- ML deals with structured and semi-structured data

End Results

a. AI– The end result is to promote intelligent behavior to solve difficult problems.
b. ML– Here the end result is to learn from the existing data in order to offer quality results.


a. AI–The aim is to find the best solution from the existing data.
b. ML– The aim here is just to find a solution best or not.


a. AI– Machine and deep learning are the subsets of AI
b. ML– Deep learning is the subset of ML


a. AI–The major examples of AI are Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.
b. ML– ML has email referencing, Facebook auto-friend suggestions, or bank fraud analysis.


Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, but it has already shown tremendous potential. This technology has the capability to modify how we live, work and communicate. Machine learning has the potential to make our lives easier and more efficient, while also providing new opportunities for businesses and organizations.

Hence it is essential to understand how both technologies work and their features. This difference between AI & Machine learning can seem very slim but both ml & ai do different tasks where one benefits the other.

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