Are SEO and SMO Tools Really a Blessing?

With over 3 billion people actively using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, social media has become one of the ultimate ways for marketers to connect with clients and prospects. Connecting with your clients is only possible when you invest in SEO and SMO tools. These tools help you in ranking on search engines. Social media is used for online advertising, launching new products, and customer service, together with building brand recognition and loyalty.

However, with so many available social media platforms, it becomes difficult for businesses to handle all the accounts. They either hire a social media optimization company to manage business accounts or take assistance from automated SMO tools to keep their business running smoothly.

Social media optimization tools or SMO tools, such as all SMO Tools, BufferApps, and so many more, are a godsend to a plethora of businesses and marketing experts.

But are they really? 

Let’s discuss some of the pitfalls of why social media optimization tools should be avoided.

Demerits of SMO tools providers like Tweetdeck, all SMO, and Hootsuite

Not that SMO tools are entirely useless. But completely relying upon them instead of opting for trusted social media optimization services is like being on icy ground.

Fake Follows. Fake Likes. Fake Views 

Ever come across an advertisement like: “Get 1000 followers in just $5 | 100% Genuine Instagram Followers.” or “Buy Facebook Likes | 100% Real Likes.”

I bet you do. 

These ads look so tempting when you struggle to get attention on social media platforms. BUT DON’T JUST TRUST THESE FAKE SERVICES.

We understand that everybody wants to go viral on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Thus, so many so-called SoCiaL MeDiA OpTiMiZaTiOn tools are available on the web, promising fake followers, views, likes, and comments. 

But at what cost?

A myriad of reasons says why you shouldn’t waste time, money, and energy on SEO and SMO tools. 

For instance:

1- Fake followers never engage with your account.
2- You might get inappropriate or irrelevant comments on your posts by bots.
3-  Fake followers, views, likes & comments bring spam to your account.
4- Many social media platforms recognize and punish accounts using fake followers.
5- Purchasing fake followers, likes, and views is against their policies.
6- Your credibility as a business or influencer can be compromised or destroyed.

Logically, it makes no sense at all to buy anything fake. What can you possibly achieve from this type of practice? Anybody can recognize fake followers. So, what’s the point?

Instead, increase your engagement through natural means. Hire a company that delivers a full range of reliable digital marketing services, including social media optimization, social media marketing, SEO, content writing, etc., to engage the desired audience. Many agencies have teams of well-experienced experts who can handle your social media account and help you gain popularity with appropriate methods.

Some of the social media optimization services include:

• Posting photos, videos & reels consistently
• Using the right hashtags
• Posting stories regularly
• Getting feedback with polls, quizzes & questions
• Being careful of follower fatigue
• Mentioning/tagging relevant business accounts
• Exploring social media platform features
• Being authentic

For such trusted and authentic services, take help from Master Infotech. We’ve got a team of SMO experts who will manage and control your social media account properly and rightfully.

Backlink Maker

Backlinks have always been an effective way to rank your website on top SERPs organically. According to Google’s algorithm, your website will rank higher with more referencing domains. Nowadays, many digital marketers use tools like Postifluence by Teknikforce, Backlink Maker by allSMO, and many more, to automatically create backlinks to websites relevant to your business niche. 

Sounds cool and easy, right?

However, look at the other side. It’s like backlinks are on steroids. And such automated backlink generator tools might hurt your website’s domain authority. 

Need a suggestion? Sure. If you need to use these tools, go ahead, but make sure you are not totally dependent on them — practice manual backlink building. Master Infotech offers result-driven SEO services, including natural backlink building, providing consistent traffic flow. The process might take months, but the ROI is worth the wait.

Obfuscating Javascript

JS Obfuscator is a great tool that obfuscates your website’s source code, preventing it from being copied. This tool uses an obfuscation technique that divides the code into conditions and loops followed by a switch statement, making it harder for stealers to follow.

However, even if the code becomes challenging to read, it’s not impossible to crack. With enough time and dedication, anyone with thorough coding knowledge can understand it. So, what’s the point of doing that? It will only cost you money, time, and energy.  Moreover, at higher obfuscation, there is a negative effect on the speed of your code.

Closing thoughts on using SMO & SEO services

Ultimately, you have to ask yourself – do you need fake followers who will never spend money on your products and services or automated backlink makers, which usually spam? I hope your answer is no! So, instead of relying on something that can cause harm to your business, indulge in something meaningful. Hire a trusted and certified social media optimization company that delivers actual results and doesn’t depend on something fake or automated. Call us today and get legitimate results.

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