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10 Amazing Modern Web Design Elements that You Need to Know

Did you ever wonder why one website is more appealing than another, although they serve
the same purpose? Maybe because of a different approach to their web design &
development process?

Well, the reasons may vary.

Today, people use websites literally for everything – from buying groceries & financial
transactions to gaming & streaming Drake all day. Since we spend a large segment of our
time browsing websites, we expect our patronage to be repaid with world-class user

Your website needs to look professional – not a Classified section of a newspaper. Every
element of a website design must be customized & ensures a seamless user experience. 
There are many points to consider while building a website, and if you include these 10
mind-blowing web design elements, you might have an edge.

Let’s Understand Amazing Elements of Web Design

Elements of Web Desingn

Videos in the background

Background videos add a great deal to your website & keep customers highly engaged.
Choose a video carefully. It needs to add intrigue & clearly define your brand story. Master
has compiled a plethora of background videos that practically enhance your
website’s overall performance.

Striking color scheme

It’s a no-brainer that colors reflect emotions. The bright & bold color scheme immensely
enhances the appearance of your website. Hence, take professional assistance to select the
most striking color palette that matches your brand’s tone.

For example, blue demonstrates trust, reliability, confidence & safety. And Green showcases
the environment, health & wellness. Master Infotech’s professional web design & developers
can help you choose the right colors to gravitate more audiences.

Vivid typography

Most businesses choose a specific set of fonts to help customers recognize them easily.
Moreover, clear typography makes it for organizations to express their brand.

Your choice of typography reveals your brand identity design perfectly. It tells the customers
whether your business is informative, serious, functional, or fun. Whatever typography you
choose, make sure it’s consistent across all platforms – web, mobile, or tablet.


Often, people take minimalism & modernism as the same. Both depict entirely different
meanings & significantly impact each other. Minimalism means ‘less is more’ – avoid
including unnecessary elements on the page & practice precision. Modernism includes
ornamental things, such as airy designs, pops of colors, sizes of visuals, etc.

Your website’s purpose is to engage users & make sure they engage. And using the
minimalist principle leaves customers with no room for distraction.

Hamburger menu

A menu consists of links to various pages on a website. Its goal is to ensure users’
convenience to hop from one page to another & discover what interests them. However,
traditional horizontal navigation bars take a lot of valuable space. And a hamburger menu is
a powerful weapon that solves this problem.

This stylish, mobile-friendly menu has a button that opens a large navigation drawer. It
keeps the interface clean & saves tons of space, promoting navigational ease.

White space

Most web designers don’t understand the necessity of white space on the website. When
you add tons of visuals & texts to the landing page, visitors get confused & quickly drop out
of your website.

Adding white space gives them a break from the content & grabs their attention to go
through your offers on the website. You want to give your users a clear view of your
business & not flood them with excessive information, leading to distraction.

In short, white space helps potential customers to go through relevant information & makes
your website airy, clean & streamlined.

Rich-quality visuals

All texts & no visuals make your website extremely boring. Nobody has time to go through
lengthy texts. Instead, add intriguing visuals to grab customers’ attention & turn them into

Describe your brand story with high-quality imagery. Using images of your products engages
your customers more & convey your services on an excellent scale.


Providing the correct information to visitors & grabbing their attention is not enough. You
want them to take action.

A persuasive CTA or call-to-action button serves the purpose. It increases the possibility of
turning potential customers into loyal clients. However, it is essential to consider the position
of a CTA button. Don’t overuse it in every section of a web page. You don’t want your
visitors to think you are desperate.

If you want a custom, lead-driven web design with perfectly positioned CTA buttons, turn to
Master Infotech. With years of experience building top-notch websites with our web design &
development services, we know what you need. Book a meeting with us.

Mobile-friendly layouts

People love browsing websites on their mobile devices. As of May 2022, 60.43% of web
traffic comes from smartphones. Hence, your website must have a responsive mobile view.

It simply means that you lose more than half of the potential customers if your website
doesn’t follow mobile responsive standards. It would help if you resized the texts, visuals &
clickables to match touchscreen controls because fewer misclicks will lead your customers
to another website.

Final Words

Stunning web designs require regular evaluation to ensure your website provides a unified
user experience, regardless of the device. We mentioned some basic yet very advanced
web design elements to help you create a stylish, airy & speedy website that captivates the
audience. Tons of web design elements are available, but using these easy ones is good for

If you are a startup or small-medium scale business looking for a custom web design &
development company
, look no further. Let Master Infotech help you build a website that
drives results.

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