How to create a brand identity

Creating a Brand Identity: An Ultimate & Thorough Guide

Do you want to outshine any Tom, Dick, and Harry Inc.? You need a unique brand identity design that shapes your company perfectly.

As often as not, people get confused between the terms “logo” and “brand” and use them interchangeably.

However, they are not the same!

A logo can be a crucial symbol of your business but doesn’t define the entire brand. In sooth, a logo is that special ingredient without which your brand recipe is incomplete.

So, what is a brand identity, why is it related to design, and how do you shape a powerful brand identity to make sure your business stands out among your rivals?

This blog is exactly what you are looking for.

Brand Identity

A brand identity is all about your business values, how you communicate through your products and services, and what you want consumers to feel when dealing with your company. A brand identity is the overall personality of your business and a guarantee to your consumers.

How to create a brand identity

However, it differs from “brand image” and “branding” even though all three are used interchangeably. Branding is defined as the marketing practice of actively shaping a unique brand. On the other hand, a brand refers to the perception of your business on a global scale.

A brand is a set of features that differentiate one company from another. It consists of a name, design, symbol or logo, brand voice, tagline, and much more.

Let’s delve deeper, shall we?

Brand Identity

Understand this by a simple example. Suppose you are a shy high school student unbothered by everyone around. One day, you want others to think you are cool and interesting and want other cool kids to invite you to the best table in the cafeteria. However, you just can’t force anyone to have that impression of you. To achieve that, you got to do some work.

So you become a regular Reddit user to make sure you are continuously updated with the trending topics, especially memes. Maybe you opt for basketball and start working on your foul shots. Draw a good impression of Mr. Blake, your science teacher. You are putting all these efforts just to build the desired image – that’s branding.

Now comes the final phase to be a part of those cool kids on the cafeteria table. You saved up enough money and bought the new Nike everybody covers. You got a fancy haircut and also joined (tried out for) the school’s basketball team.

These tangible elements – the Nike shoes, the fancy haircut, being part of a basketball team – that’s brand identity.

The brand identity makes you immediately recognizable to your desired audience. Your potential customers will affiliate your brand identity to your products and services – eventually your business. This design will connect you with your customers, forge a loyal relationship, and determine how your clients see your brand.

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How to Develop a Result-Driven Brand Identity?

Self-Identification is the most important.

Before you decide on the tangible elements you need to build your brand identity, you must know who you are as a brand.

Result Driven Brand Identity

Ask yourself the following:

  • What’s your mission? (What’s your “why?”)
  • What are your values? (What beliefs your company stands on)
  • What is your brand personality?
  • What makes your brand different from your rivals?
  • What is your brand voice? (If your brand is a person, how will it communicate?)

Answers to these questions define your brand, and you must have a clear understanding of each question before you kick-start the process.

Do not sweat it if you’re still having trouble discovering your true brand identity. Brainstorm your ideas and you will have clarity on who you are as a brand.

  • Why did you start this business?
  • What ethical aspects are essential to you as a company?
  • What do you do differently from your competitors?
  • What makes you unique?
  • What are those three words you can use to define your brand?
  • What are those three words you want your customers to use to define you?

Once you know the answers to the questions mentioned above – now’s the time to shape your company with a unique identity design and make your dreams a reality. Reveal your true self to the people who matter the most – your customers.

Design: The Stepping Stone of your Brand Identity

Just like your Nike shoes built the brand identity of your high-school-basketball-athlete persona, your design will build your business’s brand identity.

Your corporate design assets are those tangible components that will decide how your brand is anticipated – your logo, web design, social media graphics, packaging, business cards, and even the dress code for your employees.

In layman’s language, having a professional design = having a professional brand identity = having a successful business that accurately defines who you are as a brand.

Developing your Brand Design

So let’s discuss how exactly you can have a professional design and build a brand identity that ensures your brand is nailing everything.

1) Typography

Yes. The Font. It is utterly vital to choose the right logo fonts and brand fonts. You can pick one from the four majorly used fonts – Serif fonts, Sans Serif fonts, Script typography, and Display fonts. Remember, the typography you choose will say much more than you can imagine about your brand. So, make a wise choice.

2) Color Palette

People, including the desired audience, have psychological ties to various colours. So, strategically picking the right combination of branding colours and logo colours can help you achieve more attention. Here’s a quick guide to colours:

Red – It is a colour of passion. Red is your go-to option for a loud, youthful, and energetic brand identity.

Orange – Orange also denotes excitement and high energy, perfect for describing social and playful brand identity. Red is more used than orange, so it may help you stand out if you choose orange.

color palette in Brand Identity

Green – Green is a highly versatile and all-around colour that can be used for just any brand. When people see green, one of the two things comes to their minds – nature or money. So, if your brand depicts either of these two things, green is an ideal choice.

Purple – Purple is known as the symbol of royalty. So if your business is about luxury things like fashion, perfumes, cars, jewellery, etc., purple is a safe bet.

Pink – Whatever the world says, pink is culturally connected to femininity. So, if your brand is about women, women’s cosmetics, women’s clothing, or anything related to females, pink should be the right candidate for your brand colour.

Black – Black addresses something modern and sophisticated. Nothing is as classic and efficient as black to describe something complex.

3) Form/Shape

The shape of your logo plays a critical role when it comes to design. This element can be used to strengthen different reactions from your clients. For instance, a logo with a square shape and sharp edges inspire a disparate response to a logo with a round shape and soft edges.

Three vitally used shapes for logo designs are:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Lines
  • Circles, Ovals, and Ellipses
  • Squares, Rectangles, and Triangles

Designing your Brand Identity

Once you have finalized the building blocks of your design, you need an experienced designer to turn your ideas into reality.

Designing your brand identity

Your brand identity can be expressed in various forms of elements – one asset is more important than the other in accordance with the nature of your business.

For instance, if you own a restaurant business, your focus should be on menus and physical spaces. However, a digital marketing company needs to put more stress on its website, landing pages, and social media.

Common brand identity elements are:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Product Packaging
  • Email Design, etc.


A creative brand identity company is what makes you different from the endless sea of rivals, something that helps you outshine your competitors. It shows your customers who you are as a brand and what products and services you can offer them. So, if you want to be in the good books of your customers, it is essential to invest sufficient time and money in creating a brand identity design that clearly shows what you are to your customers. Now the blog has given you enough information on how to nail that identity; it’s time to start designing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Brand Identity

What are the five words that describe your brand?

A vital practice towards defining your brand identity can be listing down five adjectives that describe your brand’s personality, nature, look, and tone. If Apple were to create a list, their five words might be – Quality, Values, Consistency, Commitment, and Customer Service.
What drives you to start your business in the first place? How is your company different from your rivals? By determining the goals and objectives that run through your company, you can easily make a comprehensive list.

How do you make your customer feel?

When satisfied clients talk to your sales team, what do they have to say about your brand? Taking heed to the communication your new satisfied customers made to your team can reveal a large amount of essential information about how you can make your clients feel. Are they showing – relief? Inspiration? Or Newly-Found Energy?
Every positive emotion your clients feel about your brand is utterly vital information for building a brand identity. Utilize these emotions to choose the right visual aspects, including shapes, colours, and fonts.

Can a brand identity design company help me determine my requirements?
Definitely, our brand identity design company in Mohali can help you in every way possible if you’re not sure about your needs. We enjoy connecting with customers to understand their objectives and goals. After having a clear understanding of your market scenarios & budget, we develop stunning logos and branding.

Does your branding company take on small projects?
Master Infotech takes pride in helping huge enterprises and small-scale businesses. The most exciting one is working with start-ups and helping them grow from scratch. For all kinds of projects, the ideal situation is to have an ongoing relationship where we can have a more substantial impact on the brand over time. If you are looking for brand identity design services, please call us.

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