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Elevate Your Brand Value With Creative Logo Design Trends in 2022

A creative logo design should be simple, memorable, and persistent. And a good logo should aid in the establishment and strengthening of your brand’s identity while also marketing your product or service. Fortunately, Master Infotech, a leading Logo Designing Company in Chandigarh, works to identify the particular aspects that your logo requires. So that it can have the best appeal to your target audience—something that both informs and moves them. It’s our responsibility to turn a simple concept that reflects your brand into a well-designed logo. Because the design company know that your logo must stand out from the crowd.

Despite the cliche that “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” you’d be amazed at how many people do while making purchases. Let’s make your book’s cover something to remember. The most crucial quality a logo can have is that it is timeless. Following the newest fashion trends will help you maintain your logo looking current and relevant.

So, if you’re looking for the best logo design trends in 2022 to make your logo stand out from the crowd. You can get in touch with Master Infotech logo designers, the best Logo Designing Company in Chandigarh.

Logos are used to represent a company or group through a visual representation that is simple to understand and recognise. Symbols, stylised text, or both are commonly used in logos. A graphic artist typically creates a logo in collaboration with a company and marketing professionals.

The logo design signifies your logo with a logo mark. design companies tend to design logos as the visual presentation of your brand. Logo designs are important tools to upscale your brand value by making it more presentable.

Different Types of Logo Designs

There are three types of logo designs, which are frequently combined. These are:

  • Ideographs: Ideographs are abstract images that are created in a freeform manner.
  • Pictographs: Pictographs are visuals that are symbolic and representational.
  • Logotypes: logotypes Simple textual representations, such as a company’s initials.
  • Minimal Shapes & Simplistic topology.
  • Tall logos.
  • Vibrant colours.
  • Instead of realism, symbolism and minimalism are used.
  • Sketch and scrawls.
  • Logos with Thick Wordmarks.
  • Logos in Sans Serif.
  • Black and White Logo.
  • 3D vs. Flat Design.

Minimal Shapes & Simplistic topology

In 2022, a logo based on a sophisticated logomark will scarcely surprise anyone. Customers may find it difficult to form a relationship between the business and its graphic depiction of such logos is difficult to remember. For large corporations looking to strengthen their presence and raise brand awareness, this can be a major issue. As a result, corporations are more likely to reject such brand marks in favour of something more essential.

Basic geometric forms include triangles, circles, squares, dots, and lines, which help to simplify logo designs. Designers working under a logo designing company in Chandigarh recommend utilizing a bold or distinctive colour palette as a form of compensation (which is sometimes associated with a brand even better than the logo itself). Alternately, go for a black-and-white look to amp up the minimalist impression. Many businesses still demand basic designs from design companies. Finally, negative space is a terrific technique to include simple geometry while maintaining visual interest. This trick can be featured as one of the focal micro-logo trends, loved by many brands). It is one of the major logo design trends: 2022 followed by Master Infotech designers.

This logo design trend, like the notion “less is more,” isn’t new in design. But what makes it particularly noteworthy is that a growing number of prominent corporations, such as Coco Chanel and Google, are using basic forms to rework their logos, which were previously extremely simple and reserved. By doing so, they are able to create a super-concise, new picture that does not burden the buyer with unnecessary elements to remember and associate with the brand. The logo designing company in Chandigarh implement these steps to design fascinating logos, which could attract more audiences.

Tall Logos Influence Logo Designs

To break up the ideal horizontal design that we’ve all grown accustomed to, narrow and vertical, tall logos are back in trend. Going vertical, like going vertical with business cards, is a terrific way to stand out with a bold and distinctive design. This, however, is a two-edged sword, as being unique has both advantages and disadvantages for the same reason: some clients and audiences will enjoy your uniqueness, while others will not. Everything is dependent on the brand strategy.

Tall logos were inspired in part by Art Deco, which was known for its appreciation of elegant vertical frames. It would be wrong, however, to refer to them solely as part of this movement. Tall logos combine current geometrical features with Boho aesthetics (which will be quite fashionable in 2021-2022). In actuality, the origins of this logo design style aren’t really significant. What counts is that the new shape inspired designers to create new logo concepts. And we anticipate them to use different typefaces and graphic components as a result. For example, for most winning options that would generate more emphasis on the brand’s message, they are already experimenting with line thickness, display, and simple typefaces.

Another advantage of the tall logo for businesses is that it works better in most online marketplaces and advertising than traditional logos. Only converting to a tall logo eliminates the need for many identical-style versions and logo designs for the sake of responsiveness — in most cases, it is already responsive.

Vibrant Colours Embrace the Logo Designs

Muted tones were popular last year. This year, though, we’re welcoming bright colour palettes! We’re all ready to bring more colour and positivity into our lives in 2022. And there’s no better way to do so than with a vividly coloured logo!

While black and white logos will always have a place in design trends, we may expect to see vibrant, bright colours in logo design in 2022. The use of a vibrant colour palette creates an atmosphere that appeals to a younger demographic. It also signifies that the brand is lively, dynamic, and trendy. While designers may increase the use of colour, they will reduce the use of other details. It’s crucial to pick only one or two features; else, you’ll wind up with a jumbled logo.

Instead of realism, symbolism and minimalism are used

There are other logo trends connected to logo simplification and minimalism. But this one is possibly the most illustrative of them all. Every one of us recalls logos made as genuine works of art. Inside the logo, animals, florals, mystical things and creatures, and coats of arms display mastery and interesting attention to detail. True, such logos are eye-catching (as long as the image is of excellent quality), but they fall short of other logo kinds in terms of responsive design.

Logo Designing Company in Chandigarh

You’re certainly familiar with the term “responsive logos,” which was coined about three or four years ago. These were the logos that could be scaled down or up to fit a different screen size or media. Designers could do this by removing the wordmark, simplifying the logomark, or hiding it entirely. Responsive logos are no longer thought of as a separate phenomenon or trend. Instead, responsiveness is a natural aspect of a logo, as seen by the trend toward symbolism and minimalism.

Sketch and scrawls

Scribbles, sketching, and doodling will be back as a graphic design trend in 2022, thus their reappearance as logo design trends in 2022 shouldn’t come as a surprise. Although it may appear that freeform drawing has reached its limit, recent work shows just the opposite. The rising interest in a designer’s personal approach to the brand is the key to its rebirth. And it appears that rapid sketches, cartoon characters, and forms made in a unique style are the best tools for the job.

Logo Designing Company in Chandigarh

If you think designers have abandoned colour, consider the experiences of Abbyy, Baskin Robbins, and others. The use of colours in logo design has evolved to the point where designers are opting for pure, vibrant solutions while simplifying the mark as much as possible. Too many features and colours can result in a cluttered appearance, so it’s critical to choose one or the other – and in these days of minimalism, the option is apparent. However, we can’t help but notice that vibrant colours, particularly candy hues, are tough to deal with. They have the potential to make a brand’s identity appear cheap and even amateurish. As you consider this logo design trend, it’s critical to create a balance – else, you risk sticking with a questionable logo.

Logos with Thick Wordmarks

Wordmark logos are durable and ensure that your customer is aware of the brand with which they are communicating. The text has taken on a new meaning as a result of advances in graphic design and the ability to build your own font.

We’re seeing a lot of minimalism-inspired wordmarks this year, with the beautiful aesthetic of negative space and disappearing text. The missing letters or words create a sense of mystery and assist you to capture your audience’s attention. Just be careful not to go too far and make your brand illegible.

Logo Designing Company in Chandigarh

Many multinational corporations use wordmark logos. The list is nearly endless: H&M, Coca-Cola, Zara, Google, Visa, and so on. However, few of them genuinely consider rebranding with experimental fonts – at least for the time being. As a result, indie studios, small enterprises, boutiques, salons, and individual producers are mostly using wordmark logos. And, most likely, the uniqueness of these bright logos is another factor contributing to their appeal. You may use them as logos for connoisseurs who know what to look for — or for people who want to get a sense of the brand’s aesthetic (instead of just being guided by consumerist patterns).

Logos in Sans Serif

While bold experimental typography isn’t for everyone, sans serif fonts are a storey that everyone is familiar with and understands. Designers have been rejecting ornate scripts and serifs in favour of sans serifs for quite some time. This process has already started to slow down. However, because there is a general trend, we can say that it will continue to be in the logo design trends in 2022 — which, by the way, is backed up by the popularity of minimalism and basic geometry, which we discussed before.

Logo Designing Company in Chandigarh

The motivation for avoiding fancy typefaces is simple: working with sans serif fonts is considerably easier. They’re easier to adjust to varied displays and canvas sizes, therefore they’re more suited to responsive logos. What’s funny is that a few years ago, we saw the reverse trend: many organizations converted from sans serifs to serifs due to the vintage design’s popularity. Today, as retromania begins to loosen its grip, a healthy pragmatism emerges, and sans serifs are once again important. Our designers work accordingly to your ideas maintaining the position of the best logo designing company in Chandigarh.

Logos in black and white Are Universal

While we’re talking about minimalism in general, let’s talk about another hot logo design trend in 2022: black and white logos. Actually, it’s strange to think of the black-and-white colour palette as a trend, because it’s a classic solution that has stood the test of time and stylistic changes. Even yet, it would be remiss of me not to draw your attention to the growing popularity of such logos, the most notable example being GoDaddy’s revamp. They steadily simplified their identity, and they now appear to have arrived at the ultimate stage — a black and white logo with a sans serif typeface and a reserved logo mark.

The best part about black and white logos is their incredible creative versatility, which has led to a fresh surge of popularity among branding designers. They blend in seamlessly with the brand’s look, allowing for a variety of typefaces, decorative elements, and geometry experiments. In fact, such logo design trends n 2022 are gaining popularity due to their versatility. As well as other logo design ideas that are currently popular. Everything goes nicely with the black-and-white logos: minimalist, imaginative typography, floristry, symbolism, and primal geometry.

3D vs. Flat Design

One of the most anticipated graphic design ideas for 2021 was 3D. Such visuals have become so big as a result of technological advancements that we could never have predicted it. In the intuitive Spline or the latest upgrade for Procreate, you may even jury-rig the creation of high-quality 3D objects. The visual quality has improved as well. They now dazzle and enthral with their believable realism, which was previously thought to be limited to Pixar (yeah, all those tiny fibres and specs of dust).


Clearly, there is no significant distinction between the logo design trends in 2022 and 2021. Most of the trends that are reaching their apex have been around for a long time, so don’t expect any major shifts.

However, we can fairly predict that glitch, which was formerly incredibly popular, will not be the main character of this season’s logo design. Because there has been so much of it in recent years, the community has grown bored of it. Animated logos, which were one of the most anticipated logo trends in 2021, suffered the same fate. By itself, animation maintains interest, making it a successful tool for branding display.

If you’re searching for a logo design in Chandigarh or a logo designer in Chandigarh, Master Infotech is the best logo designing company in Chandigarh.

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