Digital Marketing for Generation Z: Things you should know

So how do you reach and connect with the Gen Z market? Master Infotech is the best digital marketing agency to help your brand reach a younger generation and connect with a new type of consumer, and many more. We will provide you with the right audience and make your brand stand ahead of the crowd. 


Marketing helps the business to convey the right message to their target audience in a language they understand and resonate with. For example, the global food chain KFC creates a finger-licking good slogan according to customer taste and preference and hits the target audience to sell the product in the market. 

Today we will discuss marketing to Generation Z because the generation grows up with smartphones and the internet, and Gen Z has a distinct relationship with digital technology. 

Table of content 

  1. Who is Gen Z?
  2. How to attract and communicate with Gen Z? 

             2.1  Eye catchy content 

             2.2  Interact with your content 

             2.3  leverage the right tags 

             2.4  Invest time in video 

             2.5  Amplify beliefs and values 

             2.6  Be accountable for mistakes

  1. Which platform gen z platform loves? 
  2. Conclusion 

Who is Gen Z? 

Generation Z is the generation after millennials, also known as iGeneration or Zoomers, who are actively involved in digital technology. They are the latest entrants into the workforce and were born in the mid-1990 and early 2000. The oldest among them are finishing college, getting married, and starting families.

Generation Z is the most educated generation yet because they are involved in digital technology. They are using smartphones, and their mindset is socially minded and driven. According to the resources, the younger generation is expected to overtake the millennial generation in the next few years. 

When did Generation Z begin and end?

Generation Z starts from 1990 to early 2000 – 1997 to 2012, to be precise. The oldest of them will be in their mid-20s by 2022, and the youngest will shortly be teenagers. Generation Alpha is the name given to the generation that was born after Gen Z.

How to attract and communicate with Gen Z? 

Eye Catchy Content 

To market gen Z, it is essential to create eye-catching content with a short attention span. This means generation Z does not waste their time reading long content; the short and crisp content will grab their attention. 

Not only this, Generation Z will remember brands with fun and interactive memes. So, skip the lengthy unnecessary introduction in your videos and blogs and come straight to the point of your message. 

Be Interactive With Your Content 

Interactive content is crucial for generation Z as they feel like a part of the community. It is vital to create fun and engaging content so that they can learn from and use products or services in real life. You can share marketing content that takes them behind the scenes to show how your product is created and how it works. 

You can encourage generation z participants with interactive content such as polls and competitions. Showcase the brand to generation Z with creativity and engagement ideas. 

Leverage The Right Tags

Use the right tags to attract the generation z mind. Tags have many users, including:

  •  Gather all related posts under one hashtag 
  • Encourage your audience to participate in the activity
  • Raise and spread awareness about a cause
  • Enabling customers to share photos and videos 

Create a brand hashtag to widen your audience reach and invite your audience to participate in the campaign. Coca-cola brand creates a marvelous #sharecokecampaign to attract customers. 

Apart from this, you can create brand-related hashtags to show you’re aware of cultural happenings and many more. Digital marketing services experts show how your brand truly cares about societal issues. 

Communicate with Gen Z

Invest Time in Video 

Do you know that Gen Z loves video content, whether short-form videos on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and tik tok. If your brand is marketing gen z, it is essential to conduct your research before deciding on the best length and invest in quality and value for the best chances of success. 

You can make the video content more engaging by using overlays, visual effects, and music to make your content engaging. Create a video of attention-grabbing valuable content to keep your audience watching to the end. 

Amplify Beliefs and Values 

Generation Z is aware of the political, social, and economic issues of the day. They care about these issues, take action on them both offline and online, and support companies that share their values. They favor shopping at brands that uphold social responsibility.

Communicate the company’s core values and share how you can help to improve society. A compelling example is Nike, the global footwear brand that shows its connection with the Black Lives Matter movement. The campaign’s main focus is to spread awareness to join the fight against racism; for once, don’t do it. 

Be Accountable for Mistakes

Nobody ever succeeds without making errors. This is understood by Generation Z, who value companies that are transparent about their development. Instead of covering up and denying your brand’s mistakes, especially the big ones, it’s better to own up to them and take accountability.

For example, like maggie came up with the crisis, that is their brand accepted the mistake and the young generation craves the honest and pragmatic responses that show what maggie’s brand is doing to make things better. 

Which Platform does Gen Z love? 

Brands who use social media effectively are adored by Generation Z. They use various social media channels in their own particular ways and want brands to do the same. For example, the typical Gen Z social media usage is:

Gen Z Love
  • Posting on Instagram their aspirational sides
  • posting routine moments to Snapchat
  • Playing on TikTok
  • Twitter for news consumption
  • hardly ever using Facebook and LinkedIn

Brands will have the upper hand over those that don’t if they comprehend what Gen Z wants from them on various social media channels. 


As we all know, digital technology has transformed the way people think. Every business desires to get the return of investments for a brand so that they can get ahead from the competitors. That is why targeting the gen z is necessary because for them short video is lifeblood, they trust influencers and businesses will get results.

Are you prepared to start creating and implementing marketing plans and initiatives that appeal to Generation Z? Master Infotech is the best digital marketing agency to market this generation. Consumer spending is already significantly influenced by Gen Z. In the upcoming years; their purchasing power will increase much more. So what are you waiting for? Get connected with our experts.

Bhagwinder Sharma

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