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What is E-Commerce Conversion Rates & How to improve it?

There are many Ecommerce Web development services in India that are create smooth journeys for customers. Some instances are B2C ecommerce , B2B ecommerce , PWA, Headless ecommerce & Online marketplaces .Among these Online shops have become the trend for business owners. This is why converting visitors to an e-commerce website to customers is necessary if a business owner wants to get revenue.

Most e-commerce businesses already have marketing strategies, but still, they have to improve on certain areas if they want to increase the conversion rate.

This article will explain about the conversion rate. How to improve it on your website.

What is E-Commerce Conversion Rates?

An E-Commerce conversion rate refers to several visitors to your E-Commerce website who ends up buying things from your online shop.

Getting to know the percentage of the conversion rate on your website is done by calculating the number of customers who have bought from you and dividing it by the number of visitors you have.

How to Improve Your Conversion Rate

No E-Commerce business wants to constantly increases its bounce rate or exit rate. Neither do they want to lose customers because they cannot convert their visitors? So, do these things to increase your conversion rate.

E-Commerce Conversion Rates
E-Commerce Conversion Rates

1 Ensure your images and videos are of quality

The quality of images and videos you use on your website often influences your conversion rate because your visitors cannot touch your product physically, but they can see them online. Before posting any picture or video of your product, ask yourself if you will be interested in buying the product if the visual was all you had to influence your decision.

Images or videos grab people’s attention because they love to see good visuals. So, try to grab your reader’s attention and make them interested in buying from you.

Investing money to buy the right equipment to take better pictures and videos may cost you a lot initially, but you will be grateful you did when you see the conversion rate.

2 Personalize the process

Customers love to receive personalized emails that start with their names. They also love to have a personalized experience when visiting your website.

You can show products that relate to what your visitor checked out the last time they visited, and you could filter the process of your goods to the budget they input last time and other things.

Try to put your visitor in mind to ensure that their shopping experience is smooth. Ensure that your e-commerce website is also protected by using an SSL certificate.When they make a purchase, personalize the landing page for them.

A visitor who notices how personalized their experience has been will be eager to come back to your online shop when they have something they need to purchase.

3 Use clear copies

Business owners, both online and offline have seen the need to use clear and exciting copies to convert visitors to customers.

For business owners with an E-Commerce website, use catchy copies to help your visitors buy from you. Tell them why you are a preferred choice over your competitors, highlight the good parts of your businesses and convince them to choose you.

There should be no grammatical errors on your copies because even when they may seem trivial, most readers note them down and find it hard to trust a brand that does not put in the work to ensure things are correct.

4 Give them incentives

Customers love to get the best services from brands they are buying from. An online shop gets a chance to convert a reader to a customer if they are provided with incentives.

Shoppers have grown used to getting their products freely shipped because they have gotten that treatment from Amazon. So, try to incorporate that. If the shipping fee is an issue, when fixing prices for products, include them. However, do not make the prices too expensive.

Also, give your customers a limited coupon that will make them interested in buying before the coupon expires. Most people love discounts and coupons, and because they do not want to miss them, they will be incentivized to make a purchase.

5 Optimize your website

Nothing frustrates readers as unresponsive websites or getting a warning that accessing a website will put them at risk.

Providing your e-commerce website with the needed security will go a long way in converting your readers to loyal customers.

Firstly, you should have an SSL certificate. It will show the secure padlock and HTTPS sign and ensure visitors that they are not in harm’s way or susceptible to hacking when they proceed to your website. When your website is protected, your visitors will find it easier to make a purchase. This builds trust that increases conversion.Most ecommerce sites have multiple sub domains to organize and navigate to different sections of website.

If you want to secure ecommerce site with all sub domains, then it’s best to buy Wildcard SSL Certificate. After that, you don’t need to buy ssl for each separate domain. That saves your time and money.

Secondly, most of your visitors are using their mobiles to access your website so ensure that the user experience is not just good for desktop users but mobile users.

Ensure that the loading speed of your website is fast and that customers can access every page without seeing a warning that the page is not found.

At the bottom of the website, you can include the companies you use to secure your websites, mostly their logos. It makes them feel safer buying from your store.

Take your time to optimize your website, make it responsive and analyse to see where to improve. You do not want to drop any revenue on the table.

6 Use content marketing

As an E-Commerce website owner, you should not fail to educate your visitors while addressing their pain points. Before a person decides to buy a product, there are reasons.

Use content to convert your visitors to customers. A visitor may repeatedly come back because they love your content, or you address their pain point. When they are ready to buy, you will undoubtedly come to mind.

Use pop-ups to encourage your visitors to sign up or subscribe to your newsletters, where you can send emails tailored to solve their problems, discounts, or special offers.

Emails also help to convert your visitor because you are building a relationship with them that will lead to them buying from you.

7 Make checkout easy

Some online shops make it difficult for customers to check out their products, and it has led to a high amount of cart abandonment rate. So, make checking out easy.

The process should not be complicated. Give them options to pay using PayPal or other services because some might be reluctant to input their credit card details.

If you notice cart abandonment, reach out to the customer via email and remind them that they had a product pending.

Ensure that checking out is easy for your clients. It would help if you did not also neglect to let them see a cart quickly at the shopping section of your website.

8 Post Testimonials

Visitors of your website will be convinced that your brand is trustworthy and that they can purchase their products when they can see testimonials.

You can get testimonials from people, who have bought, used, and are satisfied with your products and post them to gain visitors’ trust.

User-generated testimonials assured potential clients that your brand and products are what you say, which makes them confident in purchasing from you.

Ask existing clients to give you a review. Most are eager to give and are even willing to give video testimonials that you can upload, and others will want to remain anonymous. Providing these testimonials will help to convert your visitors while boosting your revenue.

Final thoughts

Most E-Commerce website owners have tested the conversion rate tips that have been discussed here. However, when it comes to conversion, new things are always coming up. So, constantly learn, apply, test them and make changes when necessary. Do not just stick or settle to one conversion tip.

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