Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Startups

Out-of-the-Box Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for SMBs & Start-ups

Today, the moment of need is being innovative and investing in new-fangled marketing strategies. That can help start-ups and SMBs reach their desired audience for a fraction of the standard cost.

While established brands enjoy the liberty to spend heavily on their marketing campaigns. But budget constraints usually limit advertising opportunities for start-ups and small business owners. However, new marketing trends are cropping up rapidly for developing businesses. New marketing trends are always followed by marketing specialists of Master Infotech.

Give a round of applause to Guerrilla Marketing!

Let me guess. You didn’t go back to the time when Castro led guerrilla attacks to bring down the dictatorship? Did you?

Ahh! Although the two are a little similar strategically, guerrilla marketing is nothing about warfare, only innovation. It is one of the mind-blowing methods to attract the desired audience and boost conversion rates for your business.

So, Let’s Understand Guerrilla Marketing With an Example

Imagine you are invited to a party and the dress code is a white shirt and black trousers. You entered the party with a funky t-shirt, multi-colored hair, and fake tattoos. There will be some sort of awkward sense of emotion around you. You will become the center of attraction ( and there are chances they might kick you out of the party for not following the dress code. LOL!)

That’s what the guerrilla market is – doing something utterly distinct.

You have presented yourself in an ENTIRELY different manner. Similarly, various start-ups and blue-chip companies can try guerrilla marketing methods to outshine their business rivals (and probably steal their competitors’ customers.)

A Little Bit More About Guerrilla Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson first used this phrase in his book Guerrilla Marketing. The idea was taken from infamous guerrilla warfare, where unconventional battle methods were used like ambushes, hit-and-run tactics, and raids.

However, let’s not deviate from the topic and get back to the main idea. Guerrilla marketing simply means promoting your brand through non-traditional methods that ‘WOW’ the audience or make their jaws drop to the ground.

In general, guerrilla means an unsupervised, loosely arranged army fighting off bigger and well-organized forces. For start-ups, ‘the organized forces’ are the competitors with a huge budget.


Dive deep into the blog and figure out what guerrilla marketing tactics start-ups and SMBs can adopt to boost their sales and stand firm in the industry.

Create Graffiti & Chalk Art on Sidewalks or Walls

While graffiti is still painted as illegal in some places, it is one of the best ways to attract people. People color it as works of art, a platform for amateur artists to express their emotions, thoughts, or innovative ideas.

Now, graffiti has become so popular that marketers use it for advertising their brands in the most creative ways. You can find graffiti or chalk art in the most crowded areas or places that people visit frequently. Use this tactic to your benefit and create graffiti that best describes your business. Do it yourself if you are good at art; otherwise, hire a professional!

Use Stickers & Posters to Promote Your Business

Undoubtedly, stickers are one of the most compelling and persuasive ways to promote your brand. You probably have seen large posters everywhere for maximum public reach and engagement. Many start-ups and small-cap companies use this tactic to lure potential customers as it is budget-friendly.

You can promote your start-up’s inauguration through posters and stickers. This will catch the eyes of the general public, and eventually, contribute towards brand growth.

The next great idea can be making stickers of your brand logo and pasting them on the back of cars, lamp posts, walls, and bulletin boards. Naturally, this will give people the opportunity to take notice of your business.

Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising has the highest reach of all guerrilla advertising forms, or say, all kinds of marketing tactics in general. Around 80% of Americans remembered recalling a brand seen on a billboard ad.

Billboard Advertising

Usually, you can find billboards or large hoardings in crowded places or high-traffic areas. Also, it is worth mentioning that billboard advertising leads to word-of-mouth marketing as people discuss it with their friends, co-workers, and family. Today, billboard advertising comes in various forms, including static billboards, mobile billboards, digital billboards, and augmented reality billboards. Pick wisely!

Ambush Marketing

This marketing technique is exactly the same as what you think it is – ambushing someone else’s exhibition or promotional event with a surprise ‘attack’ from a hidden position.

For example, you start advertising your products and services in a creative way at someone else’s conference or event without their consent. While the actual event organizers have no idea about your actions.

This way, start-up owners can save their businesses from expensive promotional campaigns.       

Using Vending Machines or Food Trucks

If you own a food and beverage business, you can advertise your products by putting vending machines in crowded areas, such as malls, parks, museums, etc. Another way is having a food truck and driving it around the city, selling foods and beverages, and making people aware of your business.

This strategy is a little hard on your wallet, but the results are astonishing. With every round the food truck makes around the city, you will sure shot have a new customer(s). Similarly, people’s encounter with your vending machine does wonders for your business.

Organizing Treasure Hunts           

Inviting the general audience to break out of their monotonous routine and indulge in fun activities can make people aware of your brand. Holding a treasure hunt can be an incredible idea. Encourage as many people as you can to participate in treasure hunts. Post clues and hints online leading to other objects or rounds, make people visit certain places and take selfies, and so much more. In the end, ask them to share their experience/story online on social media. Isn’t it an innovative way to enhance your brand awareness?

Connect with Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencer

Advertising your brand by connecting with influencers is another great way to get attention from the audience. This is not about partnering with celebrities, just ordinary people who are more involved in the community than you and I. They can be bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, community leaders, or loyal customers. Adopt this word-to-mouth marketing technique and get more valuable leads.

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If you want to advertise your brand using non-traditional methods, guerrilla marketing is a go-to option. Creativity always arouses curiosity among the public, which is always good for your business.  Although it is considered a very unconventional form of inbound marketing, it successfully tempts a broader range of audiences without much effort.


Is guerrilla marketing legal?

The answer may vary from region to region. It is definitely pictured as illegal when you try to advertise your business on a property you have not paid to be a part of. That’s what makes it illegal. Stay within your area’s rules and laws (take permission from local authorities if required) and creatively promote your marketing campaigns

Which companies can adopt guerrilla marketing?

Be it a start-up, small-sized, medium-sized, or well-established company, guerrilla marketing favors all. This strategy is vital for brands to introduce themselves to the general audience to spread awareness about their products and services.

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