Do wanting to Create a Streaming Platform?

There is significant potential for new streaming apps in the market. The VoD streaming platform has shifted the entertaining experience so much that we can’t possibly think of not watching episodes of our favorite shows on Netflix every day. The hype of Netflix-like platforms is due to the diversity in content, which introduces us to various cultures,  situations, and periods.  

It is estimated that Netflix solely rules the OTT industry worldwide, with approximately 225M paid subscribers estimated in the first quarter of 2023. This encourages many entrepreneurs to enter the space to make huge profits. The increasing effect of the global OTT platform market is expected to grow to around $1146.2 billion by 2028

Moreover, high-scaled business people,  OTT app developers, and mobile app developers are keenly interested in reviewing the technical models and aspects to get a clear picture regarding the app’s development like Netflix. App development requires comprehensive research regarding app development companies, development costs, and complete maintenance of apps. We will discuss this thoroughly in this blog to build a clear understanding of development for Netlix-like apps.

Undoubtedly on-demand streaming platforms offer a variety of features and benefits over traditional TV shows.

There are many advantages of online streaming apps, such as:

advantages-of-online-streaming-appsBetter Connectivity 

To access content on OTT platforms like Netflix and many more, users need a robust broadband connection and the device of their choice. Netflix app consistently works on its algorithm to provide a seamless user experience at low data bandwidth.

Lower Costing 

A subscription to Netflix and other competitive VoD apps is affordable to most audiences.  

Wider Choice 

There is content available from across the broader. No matter your country, you get access to all other language content. Also, there are subtitles and different language options, which could help you better understand the content of shows. 

24/7 Convenience 

The OTT platforms give options to discontinue their subscription anytime, while in traditional TV operators, such operations can’t be favored. Despite the multiple geographical areas, users can enjoy watching different shows while sitting at their homes. You must log in to your account and experience high-quality content.  

Multiple Devices Access 

Last but not least, the subscription to OTT platforms allows multiple device accessibility. It is convenient for family and friends to share a single subscription login. 

Such benefits are not limited to Netflix but also other popular competitive platforms, which have helped gain a lot of traffic and shapeshifting entertainment segments.

Sneak Peek at Other Video Streaming Platforms.

Globally, Netflix is the most renowned streaming platform but isn’t the only ship in the sea. Other popular streaming services have revolutionized the approach of watching your favorite shows. In other words, other platforms are much like the rivals of Netflix, which offer original and licensed content for the user’s entertainment. 

Here is the list of top competitors of Netflix:
OTT Apps

Amazon prime video 

Disney +


HBO max

Apple tv 

By now, you must have estimated the growth and potential of this industry. With growing demand, there is no turning back. So as entrepreneurs, you must be curious and excited about developing your Netflix-like app, which could benefit your business with the utmost certainty. 

But it isn’t as simple as it sounds,

Not all platforms are enormous successes; the primary reason is the development of those platforms. There is more complexity in the development of streaming platforms like Netflix. As the development of Netflix-like apps requires intensive work to make it successful. 

Understanding the features and gaining deep knowledge regarding such streaming platforms is vital before investing your money.

Features to Include in Your Netflix-like App 

Netflix is a success, but do you wonder why? The simple answer is it’s a content algorithm that showcases content according to the user’s interest. The app focuses on usability, so before understanding how you should know the features to introduce in your Netflix doppelganger app.


Search Content 

With thousands of video content, the features of filter and search are apparently non-negotiable. 

The search options help users to look for their favourite shows according to their specifications. 

User’s Profile Management 

User profile management is the most crucial feature when developing a Netflix-like app.

Users prefer using the particular app when they can easily sign up and set up their profile. So it’s essential to minimize unrequired details form. The best way is to integrate social media to improve user retention rates. 

Payment Options

When you offer multiple payment options, it proves to be profitable for your app as it reduces the bounce rate on apps. 

Specific Watchlist 

Watchlist is one of the valuable features which helps in personalizing user experience. When developing a streaming platform, a section like such gains interest and reduces users’ search time. It positively impacts user retention rate.


It’s essential to include screencasting in your streaming app, as it enables video of the app on various screens like TV with just the help of a Wifi connection. 

Multi-Language Content

Extend your content range; the content need not be specific to one region. Users prefer streaming apps with vast demographics besides geographical boundaries; your app acts as a connective link for art and creativity. 

Such features have made Netflix a global success. However, its experience undeniably compels users to become loyal customers of Netflix. That’s why it was good to analyse some features to introduce to develop your Netflix clone app.

How to Build a Scalable Video Streaming App Like Netflix?

Now, what you have been waiting for, is the answer to the much-awaited question of how you can create a video streaming app like Netflix.

To create a streaming platform like Netflix, you require proper development and consider following some steps stated below:

Research and find Your Niche

The initial step is finding the video content you want to stream on your app. There are types of content related to different genres available for all types of audiences. The top categories are entertainment, education, healthcare, and fitness, which universally trend and gather users’ attention. 

Choose Content Availability

Choosing content can be critical. For entertainment content, build contracts with different media houses for their specific content. You can set up your media house or partner with others for other categories like health and fitness. 

Focus on the Monetization Model

The main objective behind streaming app development is to earn profits. So finalizing your monetization model is necessary. Some of the money models are pay-per-view, subscription, and pay-per-view. So finalizing your monetization model is essential.

Specify Your Requirements 

Which company to choose professional help for developing the streaming platform is upon you. But before that, you have to understand your specific requirements. Factors like security, internet speed, and payment getaway have to be considered.

UI/UX Design

The main reason why people love Netflix is due to the UI/ UX designs. The designers of Netflix promote their content in such unique ways that it connects with its audience. The users are bound to watch the show without wasting another second. 

Gather Feedback 

Gathering feedback is essential to understand feature requirements in the app. Testing your model help user give their opinion and give you a chance to improvise the app. 

To sum up 

Streaming app development requires a creative approach to deliver users a smooth and scalable experience. 

It’s vital to choose a professional streaming app development company like Master Infotech. They have a team of skilled developers who work effectively to create a fully featured-packed video streaming app according to your requirements. 

In case you plan, the company’s expert of the company will guide you through every detail of the development journey. 

Master Infotech

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