On-Demand Babysitting App

How to Make an On-Demand Babysitting App: Best Practices and Cost

Today, almost all popular services are offered to the users at their doorstep. Babysitting is also one such service that is growing in the on-demand market. Parents can now hire professional babysitters or nannies at budget-friendly costs in a few minutes. The On-demand Babysitting applications make this possible. It came to the market a few years ago, and parents have leaned toward it as it has become a reliable platform to search for babysitters.

Why a Babysitter App

Babysitter App

Parents experience great happiness when they give birth to a child. But, taking proper care (at every time) can be tiring. Especially if both the parents are employed, then it will be hard as they have no one to look after the baby while they are at job. The babysitter app is a solution that overcomes this problem. This application will assist the parents to find a reliable babysitter or nanny available within the range of their home. The parents can then go to job, get together, or visit their loved ones calmly, knowing that the baby is being taken care of properly.

Benefits of Babysitting App/Nanny App for Business, Parents & Babysitters

Benefits of Babysitting App

  • Business can act as a link between the parents and babysitters by offering them with a channel to connect.
  • For parents, they can personally look at all the information of nanny like their reviews, recommendations, personal details and much more. Later, can book a nanny as per their requirements and comfort zone. The good thing is parents can pay them on a monthly or hourly basis and book them as and when needed.
  • One more benefit that parents receive is belief as all the babysitting app authenticates the babysitters’ documents and then include their profile for the application.
  • It is a good situation for parents as well as babysitters. None of them require to go in search of each other, everything is available in one channel.
  • Babysitters can earn well with babysitting application on a part-time or full-time basis.
  • Businesses receive a commission each time a nanny is hired.

Market Size & Stats For Babysitting & Nanny Services

Babysitting is a vast industry, especially in the United States. According to a study conducted in 2023, parents in the U.S. pay $17.73 per hour to approach a babysitter for one child. This is double the united minimum wage. For two kids, parents can pay around $20 per hour. The same study also specified that childcare was among the greatest family expenses with parents spending between $30k and $75 every year.

Moving on, 69 percentage of the parents claim that good babysitters are difficult to find. This should be good news for people who fancy creating an on-demand babysitter-finding app. Some more data that point towards the significance of having a good babysitter app are as follows:

  • 71% of the family where both parents are working are willing to pay for childcare.
  • 86% of the parents who use childcare services do so on a daily basis.
  • According to a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Data, the job growth for babysitters is examined to be up by 7% from 2016 to 2026.

What are the basic features to be present in the on-demand babysitting app/nanny app?

There are a few basic attributes to be present in the Babysitters app. These attributes will assist you gain a large user base and make the app well-organized. 

  • Panel-based options

As mentioned before, the app has multiple panels, and the options/screens available in the dashboards should vary based on the role. This will assist the concerned user access the application by simply identifying all the important options.

  • Basic details form

Get the basic details of the people, such as name, contact number, email ID, and more. This will assist you know more about the people, and you can cater effectively to their requirements.

  • Authentication

Send a unique code to the email ID or the phone number the person specifies to check if the details are right. After the verification process is over, the person will become a registered member.

  • Verification  for the babysitters 

The babysitters or nannies who want to work with the babysitting app should undergo an authentication process, after which they can begin adopting requests. This will make the users feel that the babysitters can be reliable. 

  • Scheduled Booking

The person should be able to schedule meetings ahead of time. Before the stated time, a babysitter will be assigned to the person. The person will be reminded about the meeting via text messages, push notifications, and calls.

  • Availability Button

The babysitter should be offered an availability slider bar that they can allow or disallow based on their availability to offer babysitting services

  • Live Location tracking

The live location of the babysitter can be examined by the person. This will make sure the person that the baby is in a location they are known of. The babysitters can send photo updates to the person if requested by them. 

  • Search filters based on different categories

The application will have different search filters that will assist the person search a reliable babysitter available near them. The search filters can depend on a charge per hour, availability, waiting time, and more.

  • Cancelation of meetings

The person should be able to cancel babysitting meetings simply. If they have already paid for it, the refund should be given in accordance with the established return procedure.

  • Reviews and Ratings

Ensure that the person and the babysitter are able to review each other. They should also be able to offer any feedback if needed.

Steps to Create an On-Demand Babysitting App/Nanny App

Steps of Babysitter App

So, how to create a babysitting application, and how much does it cost to create one? Begin with thorough research. Study the local market to examine what your application should look like. Then, search the tech team that will turn your idea into reality.

Competitor and Market Research

Before diving into the technicalities of how to develop a babysitting app, study the market. Ensure there is a demand for nannies and babysitting opportunities. Local job-finding channels will tell you how many residents are searching for work.

Then, include the competition to check how you could outperform it. Learn about the existing business models and application attributes for parents and nannies. This will assist you check your niche to stand out. Every babysitter’s application provides something unique. For instance, Helpr is customized to the requirements of working parents, as it searches sitters in under 3 hours. Narrow targeting is important for success.

Form a clear intuition of your babysitting app concept

Define the strength that will give you an edge over competitors. Is there a gap you could fill? Do not just copy someone else’s model, create on your strange strength. For instance, babysitting companies stand out by providing:

    • bilingual babysitters (These little one’s company provides Arabic-speaking nannies, Brazilian and cantonese speakers, etc.),
    • male nannies (MyManny connects kids to ‘awesome big brothers’),
    • chef babysitters (Elite Nannies has babysitters trained and qualified as chefs with knowledge of specialty diets),
    • Special needs nannies (Nanny Butler provides babysitters for kids with complex medical requirements)

Find Developers

Half of your success rely on the tech talent you partner with. Application development is a complex attempt need offering from various experts. A product development team includes:

  • a project manager, who creates communication between the business and the team, hands out tasks, prioritizes them, ensure the deadlines are met and the project stays within budget;
  • business analysts, who look into the chosen business domain and explain the need to make sure a match between the expected business value with the app;
  • UI/UX designers, who build blueprints and prototypes, create and boost the cooperation for an instinctive experience;
  • front-end developers (Android/iOS), who turn sketches into code to make sure quality, performance, and responsiveness;
  • back-end developers, who manage the operational logic of the application and data use, including the server and cloud storage;
  • quality assurance engineers, who examine every phase of the development and do tests to guarantee adherence to all needs.
  • Searching for in-house talent may boost the babysitting app development cost. Rather, businesses may opt for project outsourcing or freelance work. They can assign the work to a whole team or find a specialist for specific roles.

Create a Babysitting App MVP

Minimum Viable Product is a basis of success. It lets you create your childcare app rapidly and release it with minimized costs. Generally, you decide on the special key elements and put the rest into the waiting list. This includes three dashboards:

    • Parents Panel (sign up/log in, account management, look for nannies, hire, pay, and provide feedback).
    • Panel for babysitters (registration/login, control of profiles, preferences, and requests).
    • Admin Panel (parents/babysitter management, profile verification, payment management, feedback management, etc.)

Creating an MVP prevents costly mistakes, specifically for startup tech businesses. According to Forbes, over 90% of them fail without knowing what went wrong. If you want to be part of the remaining 10%, plan deeply and start small. An MVP will let you base the development on the requirements and expectations of the user, not investors or founders. If people love the MVP, they will appreciate the polished version even more.

After developing this core product, the team will test it with the existing local users (matching your purchasing persona). The response will show what updates are needed. If the outcome is good, you can invest in a fully-featured product.

Keep improving your app

An MVP is only the starting of nanny finder mobile app development. Based on the test overcome, you check if there is a product/market fit. The result shows the best concepts for further development. You can remove unnecessary elements, better the ones people appreciate, add unique options, and test them.

The outcome is your guide that turns belief into facts. It lets you create a babysitter-searching mobile app that will be liked and used. You will understand:

  • if the concept is worth investing in,
  • which of the attribute the app required,
  • if the target market has been defined correctly,
  • how to speed up creation.

What is the basic workflow of the on-demand babysitting app?

The babysitter application can be downloaded from the Play Store or the App Store. The application has three various panels, namely the user panel, the administrator panel, and the babysitter panel. The babysitter app’s flow is as follows:

User Panel

  • Registration process
  • Specify the location
  • Mention the time
  • Go through the charges per hour
  • Examine the babysitter profile 
  • Place a request
  • Pay the babysitter
  • Review and rate the babysitter or nanny. 

Administrator Panel

  • Login
  • Check the process
  • Verify the babysitter’s documents
  • Approval process
  • Access to people and babysitter data
  • Manage reviews and ratings

Babysitter Panel

  • Register with the app
  • Upload documents 
  • Undergo verification
  • Create a profile
  • View requests after approval
  • Accept requests
  • Specify the number of hours
  • Receive payment via the app

How To Get Profit From Babysitting App?


The owner of the babysitter app can choose a specific % as a commission that he/she charges from the babysitters who work on his channel.


Individual babysitters or businesses that provide services online must pay a set sum as a subscription on a regular basis. An administrator determines the amount.


The owner of the online babysitter application can make money by running-related ads. This is the first and crucial source of revenue.

Cost of Babysitting App Development

Cost of Babysitting App Development

What is the price of developing an on-demand babysitting app? There is no one-size-fits-all. The range of attributes, the involvement of design, the channels, the size of the team, and the 

location of the app development company all matter. The key costs to create a babysitting app relate to:

  • Project scope — the number of attributes (the more enlightened the application, the more time is needed, and the higher the costs). In our experience, the whole process takes between 3 and 5 months.
  • Mobile app development team (in-house, outsourced, or freelance).
  • App channel (native or cross-platform).
  • UI/UX design (fully custom or standard graphic elements).
  • Functionality (e.g., the integration of social media or cloud-based systems difficult the process).
  • Security (verification systems).
  • Testing (the more complex the attributes, the more tests are needed).
  • Hosting (dedicated or rented servers).
  • Maintenance (updates and renovating of the app integrations and functionalities when needed).
  • Type of contract (fixed-price contracts with a fixed deadline is at least 10% more costly than time-and-materials, where the customer is charged for the hours spent on the project).
  • Type, experience, and location of the provider (the best quality-price ratio is found in Eastern Europe).

MVP budgets start at $36,000, but it can cost up to $30,000 to construct the most well-rounded childcare app. Typically, a native app (available just for iOS or Android) is the most expensive choice. It is less expensive to construct a cross-platform app using a kit like Flutter or React Native because less coding time and effort is required. Based on your specifications, Master Infotech will provide a thorough assumption.

To Conclude

The audience for custom on-demand babysitting apps is boosting. Take benefits of its liking by building a unique product that will give you an edge over competitors. Finding a trustworthy childcare app development business is crucial for ensuring that every stage, from research to launch, is flawless. Master Infotech provides effective and transparent steps that assist companies get their objectives with reduced time and costs.

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