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The Power of Mobile Apps for Start-ups & Small-Medium Businesses

Do you think that only big brands like Starbucks or Dominos are allowed to have mobile apps?

Err… we don’t think so!!

According to a survey, the current number of smartphone users worldwide is a whopping 6.64 billion (Billion with a B!). They are in our pocket right now, aren’t they? And the key functionality of these smartphones is to run heaps of applications, serving jillion purposes.

Now you must be thinking: Our loyal customers don’t need a mobile app to buy our products & services.

But, there is nothing wrong with making mobile apps for start-ups, preparing yourself for the future & see the massive benefits a simple mobile application can bring.

Not convinced yet? Check out these benefits your business can reap by building a stunning mobile app. However, make sure you have an experienced mobile app development company by your side who understands your business needs and accordingly creates an app.

Let’s understand why mobile apps for start-ups and small businesses is a necessity.

Mobile Apps For Start-Ups

Mobile apps for add great value to your customers

The business landscape has changed remarkably over the years. You offer your products & services; customers open their wallets with their demands.

If you want to increase more of this wallet-opening engagement to boost your business sales, you need to provide value to your customers. One way to do it is by including a loyalty program or referral system within the application. How does it work? Here…

The more people install your mobile app or buy your products & services, the more points they get. They can exchange these points for discounted deals on the products they want from your business app.

If your app has this value-added feature in it – excellent. If not, incorporate it now. Master Infotech takes pride in offering world-class iOS & Android app development services to start-ups & SMBs to help them grow.

Makes your start-ups recognizable with mobile apps

Does this surprise you? Maybe yes, but mobile apps indeed build brand awareness, especially for start-ups & small-medium businesses.

Through great mobile app development, you can tell your audience why they should trust you. Once your audience is hooked, they will likely listen to your sales pitches & even become loyal customers.

Having an app is the same as billboard signs for brands. They provide businesses with a stylish, functional & informative look into the audience’s behaviour. An incredibly designed app has appealing features, such as flawless texts, app icons, and visuals that grab a lot of attention.

One-stop-shop for marketing

Numerous functions are carried out with mobile applications. Features like user account, chatbox, a news feed, cart, booking form, price, etc., are all available in the palm of the hand. Your customers get the information they need to make their purchase as easy as pie.

Moreover, through mobile apps, business owners can communicate with customers directly & promote their sales & various discounted offers using flash messages. They can interact with their audience directly with the help of push notifications.

In short, you can remind customers about your deals, services & products whenever you want through easy-to-use mobile apps.

Mobile apps accelerate sales

Customer satisfaction & sales are directly proportional. In fact, shopping experiences are influenced by how customers feel they’re being treated.

If people are pleased & satisfied with your business & services, customer demands will increase gradually. Rest assured, if you provide something that consumers can’t wait to get their hands on, you can reap some serious sales returns.

Moreover, with the right mobile app built by following the proper mobile app development procedure, you can minimize operational costs. A great mobile app helps fill the gap between business & the sales channel & offers a smooth channel for effective communication, helping start-ups & SMBs to boost their sales.

Additional Perks of Mobile Apps

If the above-mentioned benefits didn’t please you enough, here are some more reasons to consider Android & iOS app development to build an innovative business app.

  • Inform customers of the latest products & offers
  • Outshine your business rivals
  • Reach out to younger demographics
  • Sync customers’ email accounts & social media accounts

And if you structure it the right way, you can get tons of insights into your audience’s buying behavior. It mainly includes how much a time a customer spends on your app, what products & services they peeped into, the amount of money you make from every purchase, and more.

One more point to consider is you get location data. With mobile apps, you can access your app users’ locations. This information helps you understand when & where people are buying your services most often or which part of the world has the most customers interested in your products.

The Final Words

Since 2016, many companies have planned to build a mobile app for their business. Are you one of them? If not, chances are you will be left behind your rivals.

And no, we are not saying creating an app will save your business, but it certainly is an excellent & time-tested way to boost your online presence. Rather than being some abstract concept of a business your audience appreciate & believe has an office in some distant area – you’ll be right in their pockets. Just make sure you promote your business mobile application after its launch.

Does your business have a reliable mobile app? If not, then what are you waiting for? Contact Master Infotech, a professional and trusted mobile app development company in Mohali & let your brand walk along with the latest marketing trends on the road to success.               

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the general iOS & Android app development process followed by developers?
Mobile app developers usually follow the process mentioned below:
– Analyzing Requirements
– Wireframing & Designing
– Development
– Testing
– Deployment
– Support and Maintenance


In how much time a mobile app is built?
Depending on the sophistication of an app, the development process, from ideation to launch, can take up to 6-7 months to complete. Some complex apps take over a year to get finished.


What mobile app development platforms do you develop for?
At Master Infotech, we deliver world-class native iOS and Android mobile app development services for both Android and iOS. These two platforms are most famous operating systems designed specifically for mobile apps. Most of our iOS apps are written in Objective-C, Swift. Flutter, C#, and HTML5. Our Android experts use Java, C++, Python, and Kotlin to create Android apps.


What are key areas of Master Infotech’s technical expertise?
We use trending technologies that include both web application solutions and mobile app development. Mobile App Development – iPhone native, IONIC, React Native, Android Native, Phonegape, etc. Web Application – Magento, Codeignitor, WordPress, NodeJS, CakePHP, AngularJS, etc.


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