Logo Design: What’s its purpose & Why does it even matter?

Look around… Design is everywhere. You can easily spot 10 things around you that have unique designs, and more importantly, they have a creative logo design.

However, we don’t give as much value to logos as we should.

“Maybe I don’t need a logo for my business at all.” – a strange voice whispers in the back of our minds.

Don’t listen to that voice. In fact, nothing couldn’t be more wrong than that. When you have a logo for your business, it gives your brand a unique IDENTITY. They boost business presence and represent your brand’s values.

Around 90% of the audience can name your brand just by looking at the logo design. But, hey, if industry domination and worldwide recognition are not satisfactory for you, here are some more reasons to understand the purpose of unique logo design services and why they’re essential.

A logo is a strategic tool, not a piece of art

Since logos are the visual representations of something, they are often misguided as a piece of art. But they aren’t.

They allow businesses to be recognized globally. Of course, a logo can make your company look great, but that shouldn’t be a matter of concern; that should be a secondary factor when designing a logo. Identification comes first.

Benefits of a Logo Design for Businesses

Makes a great first impression

With so many options available for the potential audience, your company has one chance to impress and engage customers. If your logo design is not up to the mark and fails to attract customers, they will find someone else who does.

A meaningful logo design piques the interests of the audience and lures them to buy from your company. However, if not, you have alienated potential traffic and basically tanked your company.

Your brand’s first impression is your unique way of communicating ownership over the products and services you sell. Your logo represents your brand as an authority in your niche from the get-go.   

Allows new customers to know you

Attractive designs, colors, and shapes always draw people. The logo that marks your package or adorns your storefront should be designed to draw interest and pique the curiosity of your potential audience, prompting them to at least look and hopefully purchase your product.

Gives an edge over the competitors

Dare to be different. Tell your consumers why your products and services are unique and better than others. Sure, maybe there are hundreds of pizza places in your city, but yours is the only one committed to freshness, purity, and sustainability.

There are some specific visuals and symbols that represent a particular niche. For example, you may have seen many pizza stores with a logo that shows an Italian, whiskered chef with a white chef hat and a broad smile holding a ridiculously large pizza.

A well-designed logo represents your brand and also distinguishes you from your rivals.

A logo design is the face of the brand

Your logo leads the horses to the water – consumers to your company

When you think about a brand, you automatically picture its logo in your mind, be it Apple with a bitten apple, McDonald’s with a yellow M, or Nike with a tick.

Similarly, when you’re outside and spot a logo you’ve seen before, you’ll immediately associate it with your experiences, interactions, and memories with that brand.

Sends a message

A logo reveals the personality of your business. Do you think people will take a pizza shop seriously if its logo has a man with a shoe in hand? Obviously, no. However, if a family-run shoe has this logo, it would be distinguished from similar brands while providing the impression that they’re genuine, inviting, and playful.

A logo design tells brand values

Although the main purpose of a logo is to identify, a company can use it to tell their brand’s message and values. Ensure your message is straightforward and hit the customer in the right spot.

For instance, an Amazon logo has a smile under its name, depicting customers’ happiness when they get something they really wanted. The bright orange color intensifies this positive feeling. Moreover, the smile is shown with an arrow connecting A and Z, which means Amazon has a broad range of products. Brilliant!

So, if you really understand what a logo design can do, you can give your brand a unique and stronger brand identity that will work wonders for business, rather than just a pretty look.

Purpose of Logo Design

We have mentioned it a plethora of times now and it’s worth repeating that the primary goal of your logo is to identify your brand before it does any other thing. It is just that simple. Don’t sophisticate it with a message or unnecessary details. It’s the face of your business, after all. You need to spend sufficient time and money designing a logo that represents your story and mission.

Brand concept on blackboard

Closing thoughts

So, from the above blog, you can conclude that a logo is a crucial element in building a successful brand. Before designing a logo, you must understand your business story and how you want people to interpret it. The best way is to create a logo that matches well with the business name and conveys your company’s true identity. In the end, a logo is a powerful marketing tool that helps start-ups and small businesses build trust and professionalism.

Do you want to create a perfect logo for your business? Get in touch with Master Infotech, a leading branding and logo design company.

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