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What is Rebranding? Top Five Rebranding Strategies

When you are a startup, branding is probably one of the hardest things to do. After all, it isn’t easy to sit back and browse through a bunch of fonts, colors, and designs when you are discovering who your clients are (and where to find them). There are various reasons why your company might consider rebranding strategies. The reason can be a merger of two or more firms or a significant shift in desired audiences. So, whatever the reason is, the major question is how to rebrand so that your website yields excellent business outcomes.

That is what this post is about. What strategies you can opt for to rebrand your business firm to accelerate growth and ROI. Master Infotech is here to ease your burden to provide the finest brand identity, branding, and rebranding services at your doorstep.

Let’s understand what is rebrand and what are their strategies:-

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is when your professional services company decides to change its marketing strategies with a new website, name, design, or logo to develop a brand new, differentiated identity to attract more customers.

For example, several top brands like Uber, Instagram, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, and many more have successfully rebranded in the past. Stay tuned to learn how to rebrand yours with the top four rebranding strategies.

Reasons for Rebranding

Rebranding is an intricate process, and sometimes, risks are involved too.

Even renowned brands are not immune – heard of Uber’s story? Around 44% of individuals were not able to recognize Uber’s logo.

So, if you thoroughly understand the risks of rebranding, it will help you discover if rebranding your business is a go-to option or not.

In case the sales and brand awareness have declined, you might want to consider rebranding for good. Hire an expert and follow a fresh marketing approach or conduct thorough marketing research to pin down the reasons.

A few reasons you might consider a rebrand include market repositioning, mergers &acquisitions, new location, covering up the crisis, looking for attention, etc.

Rebranding Strategies

Rebranding Strategies

First, you must determine whether your brand needs a half or total rebrand. Next, carry out in-depth research to figure out your brand’s target market and what audience you want to impress with a rebrand. In the end, redefine your business’s vision, values, and mission, and use the following strategies.

  • Change your Logo

The leading and most powerful strategy companies use when rebranding is changing logo design. It lets your audience be aware of your changed identity.

Make your company’s logo sleeker, use good colour combinations, etc. The primary reason to rebuild your logo is to make sure your new identity matches your new ideations.

  • Convey Brand Positioning

After creating a new logo, it is crucial to convey your brand positioning. You can’t just flip through fonts, change your colours and logo and call it a halt. You must ensure that your new logo design tells a specific message, such as your mission, vision, and values, whenever the audience sees it.

  • Build New Ads

Once you have finalized your logo design and messaging, now you must build new advertisements and content that go along with the messaging. The new advertisements should clearly tell your unique brand story and communicate with the audience effectively. This will increase your reach on various platforms and draw in more desired customers.

  • Rebuild Your Website & Enhance Online Presence  

One of the most vital business development tools is your website. You can communicate with your customers easily through forms and chatboxes. It is also a place where you tell a compelling business story to all your visitors.

Therefore, it is needless to say that your website and online presence are the heart of your business. All the rebranding activities eventually end up on your website. So, make sure you spend a significant amount of time rebuilding the website to increase your online presence.

  • Change your Brand’s Voice

Finally, when it is time to rebrand, you will want to change your brand’s voice. Your brand’s voice is an outlook for writing your marketing content. Your brand’s voice can be casual, witty, formal, etc., depending upon the services you provide.

If you are rebranding, now is the chance to change your brand’s voice and announce it to your targeted audience in a new tone of voice.

Partial vs Total Rebranding

Before rebranding, you have to decide whether you want to go for a partial rebranding or total rebranding. Consult an expert brand identity design company like Master Infotech to consider the best option for your agency.

The more established and renowned your brand and business are, the more you will lose from a rebrand. A partial rebrand is a great option when you have a well-settled business. It will keep your customers loyal to you while refreshing your image to keep pace with changing market styles. Take partial rebranding as an adjustment to your brand’s visual image to fully use the market.

Partial rebranding can be significantly effective. For example, Old Spice. It is a men’s deodorant brand that has seen extensive growth every year since the year it has repositioned the brand.

However, if you have decided on a complete identity shift and your agency’s mission, vision, and values changed, a total rebranding should be your preferred option. This option best suits those companies undergoing mergers, foundational shifts, product overhauls, and more. In this case, everything is on the table – from your website and company’s name to your purse, market, and brand identity

You can say that if partial rebranding is a brush-up, total rebranding is a makeover.

Once you analyze your needs about partial or total rebranding, follow the following steps to execute rebranding successfully:

  • Rebuild your brand’s audience and market.
  • Reanalyze your company’s vision, mission, and values.
  • Change your company’s name.
  • Re-evaluate your brand’s slogan.
  • Re-establish your brand identity design.
  • Track your brand sentiment.
  • Implement & launch your brand launch.

Final Words

Initiate rebranding with an effective business consultation strategy. You must give rebranding the attention it deserves. Now that you know what rebranding is, the reasons to rebrand, top rebranding strategies, and how to successfully rebrand, you are good to go. Whether you want to redesign your website or logo or overhaul your entire brand, the above post will help you turn your dream ideas into reality.

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