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The Secret Sauce to Keep your Mobile App Thriving After the Launch

So, you’re done with your research, designed the UI/UX, and built a perfect mobile app laced with all the latest features.

Congrats! You did great.

Designing, developing, and launching your own app come with a myriad of challenges. For example, what’s next after the launch? Simply launching your app on Google Play Store or iOS App Store isn’t enough. The app’s true potential can be seen through the hard work done after the app is live.

Give your audience thorough knowledge about your app and its benefits, and promote it from time to time. You can always take assistance from a professional iOS or android app development company to keep your app rolling successfully in the market.

Even well-known and well-established brands promote their apps frequently. So, the question is, if successful brands are promoting their apps, what about the new app that you just launched? If you want your application to become famous (after the launch) against numerous other apps, this blog is for you.

Table of Content

  1. Invest in marketing & analytics software
  2. Address the feedback
  3. Monitor app feature usage
  4. Pay attention to churn
  5. Target the right audience
  6. Improve your app’s UI
  7. Personalize the app experience
  8. Not paying attention to social media marketing
  9. Conclusion

Invest in marketing & analytics software

Mobile App

The first week of your app launch is crucial. You may get invaluable data insights and learnings from the initial weeks. As your ultimate goal is growth and optimization, the right marketing and analytics tool can navigate you towards the right direction.

Here is the list of things you can track with app marketing & analytics tools:

  • New sign-ups
  • Engagement rate
  • Retention rate
  • Most used features
  • Platform review & ratings
  • Least used features
  • Churn rate
  • Average revenue per user
  • Bugs or glitches

Since it’s your business app, no one knows what value it would bring, and this is a personalized, task-driven experience for your user.

Apart from powerful analytics, invest in a reliable app marketing tool. This way, all your hard work to acquire users won’t go in the trash. Start responding to feedback or communicating with end-users to improve engagement. Based on the analysis, you need to assemble some solid personalized marketing campaigns. It will improve conversion and retention rates.

Address the feedback

Address the feedback

One of the essential things you must do after an app launch is to engage with your customers through feedback. The very first users are the real testers who will give genuine reviews about your app.

Understand where users are getting stuck? Are they using features the way you anticipated? You must keep a keen eye and open mind and welcome all types of reviews. This won’t just help you address issues at the early stage of app launch but also update and optimize it as soon as possible.

Monitor app feature usage

Monitor app feature usage

While user engagement and reviews are imperative, the other thing that decides the success of your app is its feature usage. For example, a feature you think everyone would use is the least accessed or vice versa.

With app analytics, you can pay close attention to usage and determine which features are users’ favorite and which are falling flat.

A deep understanding of your audience’s in-app behaviour is vital to drive the success of your app. Sometimes, users can’t fully explain their experiences through feedback or comments. That’s when reviewing usage metrics saves the day. It helps you read between the lines and prioritize future features and marketing campaigns.

Pay attention to churn

Around 50% of app users churn within the first month of app download, while 75% churn after 3 months.

Quite scary!

Let’s talk about churn – it’s a solid way to ‘read between the lines.’ If users download your app and then suddenly die out, there’s clearly a big engagement issue. To understand why it is happening, you need to figure out the point where users churn out.

Address the pits and falls that lead to gaps in your app and find ways to better align with the customers’ needs. With the help of an experienced mobile app development company, you can combat this issue.

Target the right audience

Target the right audience

Have you launched any user engagement campaigns yet? It’s about time. But before launching, get data insights into your target customers to ensure campaign success.

Running engagement campaigns can be expensive, so it’s important to make sure that your efforts are worth every penny. Track where your app’s referral traffic is coming from to determine the success rate. Understand the areas from where the most user acquisition occurs. This way, you will know which campaigns to focus on and which to ditch.

Improve your app’s UI

User experience and user interface design are vital aspects of mobile app development.

There are many applications with high-quality UI and UX, such as Uber, PayPal, and AirBnB. These apps have invested a lot of money in UI and UX to cater to unique user needs.

After the launch, you need to get reviews to offer ways of optimizing the user interface and experience.

One surefire way to lose out on valuable users is if they’re running into a lot of frustrating glitches.

Here is a list of a couple of questions to put forward while optimizing your app’s UI:

  1. What should I do to make my app ‘user-friendly?’
  2. How should I boost the workflow for a better experience?
  3. How can I simplify app interaction and make it elegant?
  4. How can I create integration between my app and other channels?
  5. What color scheme will make my app more engaging and intuitive?

Personalize the app experience

Personalize the app experience

It is very important to engage with your users and understand what features they prefer in an app. The success of an app is guaranteed when it is more personal to the user. Take an example of well-known apps – they offer personalized experiences to their users, and your app should not be an exception.

Push notifications sent to users should be specifically designed based on their preferences (products they engage with) and behaviour so that they feel related. When you make your users feel like you know them, the retention rate increases gradually.

Here is the list of types of personalization your app can implement:

  1. Geotargeting
  2. Saving user preferences
  3. Show content based on a user’s search history
  4. Cross-channel integration
  5. Customize push notifications according to the user’s in-app behavior and profile data

Not paying attention to social media marketing

What gives an edge to a great app marketer over an average app marketer is creativity. Our digital marketing company has an expert team of social media marketers who take out-of-the-box measures to drive traffic to your app and make sure that users stick to it.

The right social media marketing services show your apps to users from a next-level perspective. Moreover, good SMM can result in better customer relationships. With gazillions of potential users surfing the internet and social media, adopting a result-driven social media marketing approach is a direct way to make your app a huge success.


Now you know what you should do after launching your app. While taking a break after app development and launch a much-deserved thing to do, resist it. The initial days of the app launch are the most vital. During this time, you’ll know if your app can compete with other brands. Following the tips mentioned above will help you ensure your app’s success.

Still confused? Don’t worry, the Master Infotech team is here to develop, launch, and promote your app. We can help you build an app that people will not forget for a long time.

Komal Girdhar

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