Top 5 SEO Secrets to Improve Google Ranking

Ranking top on the SERPs has become a vertex for online business growth. However, no one will tell you the real secrets to rank higher.

One of the key findings by Backlinko suggests that the #1 search result on Google’s first page has a 31.7% click-through rate, which is enormous compared to only 0.78% on the second page.

Since the launch of Google, one thing that hasn’t changed a bit is that your organic ranking significantly impacts your organic traffic. If you have a well-optimized website & it appears in the top results, you may get many visitors.

Contrarily, if you have a well-designed website but little to no visibility online, your business is doomed to fail. To avoid that, you need some GODLY secrets that can improve your digital presence, and only a professional SEO company can assist you in achieving that.

However, you are lucky that Master Infotech is one such company, and we’ve unlocked 5 awesome SEO secrets to rank higher on SERPs. Let’s break into it…

SEO Secrets to Rank Higher

Start with a great website architecture

A bitter truth – No one can save the SEO campaign from failing if your website architecture is poor or non-actionable. If your website’s navigation is cumbersome for users or difficult to crawl for search engines, your website ranking will suffer 100%.

Search engines consist of hundreds and thousands of algorithms, along with modern technologies like AI to rank websites. Sticking to basics, such as performing a technical SEO Audit, will render you an edge over your competitors.

The secret to have a good page experience

A good page experience is when visitors interact with a web page for its true purpose, for instance, buying your products and services. It is valid for both mobile and desktop versions.

Loading Speed – Your website’s loading speed is a vital factor to rank higher on SERPs in determining ranking. Slow site speed impairs your chances of being in a high search position because it hinders your website’s ability to convert. 

Even when your on-page SEO is on point or you have excellent meta titles/descriptions – the search algorithm will penalize you for slow speed.

File size – To modify file size, use a good image editing software like Image Recycle,, or Optimizilla. Then, justify the dimensions of the image. Make sure it fits the required image space to retain the clean look of your web page.

Mobile-friendly – Mobile users are increasing every day. More people prefer browsing or shopping on their smartphones than on desktop computers or laptops. Hence, your website must pass the Mobile-Friendly Test.

Even Google said once, “… our crawling, indexing, and ranking systems have typically used the desktop version of a page’s content… Mobile-first indexing means that we’ll use the mobile version of the page for indexing and ranking…”

Therefore, to prevent ranking issues, you must be uncompromising on the performance and search intent.

HTTP – Is your site safe? If your website isn’t HTTPS-friendly, learn to make it.

Optimize your website for Google to rank higher

Good website content keeps the readers hooked and will scan your website until the end. The same is true for Google.

Here are some ways to make your content Google-friendly.

Google wants to know what your pages are about. Make sure your website data is well-structured and organized from header to footer. Google uses the format to differentiate schema types like products, books, businesses, recipes, etc.

Google prefers short titles. Frankly, long titles can turn off anyone, let alone Google. Moreover, extra-long titles have a negative effect on your keywords’ SEO.

Furthermore, the SERP title length must be between 150 and 160 characters. So, try sticking to it. Use SEO plugins to identify titles that exceed the character limit. 

Google likes unique meta titles/descriptions. Meta titles/descriptions don’t have a head-on impact on the ranking. However, they are the first thing a customer sees when looking for the services you provide. So, if done smartly, they can bump up your click-through rate and overall traffic. So make sure they are unique and simple, containing targeted keywords.

Google loves specific internal anchor texts. Do not beat around the bush if you want your website to rank higher for a particular keyword. Avoid using elusive and excessively vague anchor texts for interlinking. It is one of the biggest mistakes business owners make to their anchor texts and eventually lose the attention of search engines and potential customers.

Internal linking works wonders

It is important to understand the strategy behind internal linking. It’s powerful. Make sure all internal links are working. Here are some ways to hone your link game to rank higher.

Link literature – The depth of your website pages shouldn’t exceed three clicks – a powerful hack that people often forget. The best practice is to ensure that all your pages appear on the first level.

One effective method is building a ‘Home Page’ connected directly to ‘Our Services’ or ‘Top Categories.’

Remove redundancy & fix broken links – Broken links and duplicate pages promote poor user experience. Ignoring them may cost you heavily. Use crawling tools on your website to find broken, duplicate, or 404 error pages and resolve them in a jiffy.

Reclaim your site mentions – Set a Google Alert and reclaim your website’s mention. It will help you record track of your brand mention all over the internet.

If you come across any mention not being attached to your website, contact the webmaster and request them to attach it back.

Final words

While SEO is the most vital point for any business to get on top of the revenue generators list, it is also on Achilles’ heels when done incorrectly. The paralysis of analysis can be overwhelming and give you a hard time.

Attention to the fundamental secrets to rank higher, mentioned in the blog, can easily position you for online success. For more details on customized SEO campaigns, contact Master Infotech. We pride ourselves on delivering world-class SEO services to start-ups and small businesses.


Does Master Infotech provide SEO services to start-ups?
Yes. For start-ups, we have specialized SEO services catered to their needs. Whether it’s a new website or a redesigned one, our experiences SEO team uses strategies that can help your website to rank higher and grab more attention from desired audiences. Let our expert SEO company help you promote your business locally and on international fronts.

How long does it take to see improvements in my website rankings?
Ranking improvements can be seen with a few months, weeks, or even days. There are several factors that determine your website’s ranking, including design of your website, content, keywords, responsiveness, business competition, and many more. SEO is a long-term process and you have to be very patient. Within a few months, you will see exceptional results.

What are the advantages of SEO?
The benefits list of SEO is never-ending. A few of them include –
– Doesn’t cost as high as Google AdWords & Pay-Per-Click.
– Increases organic traffic of your website. More traffic means more revenue.
– The higher you rank, the higher is your brand credibility.
– The overall revenue that comes from SEO is way better than traditional marketing.
– SEO provides long lasting solutions with powerful SEO campaigns.

Do you use automatic link building in SEO?
Never. Google has strict rules and regulations to put an end to this type of activities. In Google’s eyes, it’s spam and there is no place for spam. Google’s Panda algorithm is continuously delisting and penalizing websites that utilize automatic link building. Master Infotech is a leading SEO services company that follows organic, white hat SEO that helps you achieve results you have been looking for.

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