Digital Marketing Obstacles

Five Present Obstacles in Digital Marketing

Although it’s true that marketing professionals now have more tools than ever to make compelling advertisements, it’s also true that with these advancements, come an array of new obstacles during the last year.


During the pandemic year, 72% of marketers felt that their position was more critical than before. As a result of many shifts in consumer behaviour over the last months, digital marketing services have become an effective means of reaching out to both new and current clientele. People are purchasing and spending their free time in new ways due to the limits on our everyday activities.

As it gets more challenging to meet client expectations, stay ahead of the competition, and keep up with the newest technology, a digital marketing company is being forced to adjust their tactics to remain relevant in the industry.

Table of contents

  1. What is digital marketing?
  2. How successful is digital marketing for businesses generally?
  3. Why is digital marketing important?
  4. Digital marketing challenges
  5. Conclusion

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing

The term “digital marketing,” which encompasses both online and offline promotional activities, has become more common in recent years. Businesses use online mediums, including search engines, social media, email, and other websites, to reach their present and potential clientele. This also applies to the sending and receiving of multimedia and text communications.

How successful is digital marketing for businesses generally?

You can’t afford to ignore digital marketing any longer. It seems like every other company has its website, and those that don’t usually have an online advertising plan. Consumers have come to anticipate and depend on digital content and marketing to become acquainted with businesses. Due to the flexible nature of digital marketing, you can try out new strategies without breaking the bank.

In general, digital marketing entails using various digital strategies and mediums to reach consumers who spend much time (online). Marketers may use free and paid channels to support a broader campaign, with the success of each one dependent on the strategy’s ultimate aims. A successful digital marketing agency in Mohali can see how each digital marketing effort contributes to achieving the company’s larger objectives.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital Marketing Importance

Compared to more conventional forms of advertising, digital campaigns allow you to reach a broader demographic of potential customers. To top it all off, you can track your daily progress, assess your performance, and adjust your strategy as you see fit; this is something you can’t do with conventional advertising and it can save you a lot of money.

  • You can target your best prospects.

Advertisements on television, magazines, or billboards reach a broad audience, but you can’t always choose who sees them. Of course, you can evaluate demographics like the magazine’s circulation or a neighbourhood’s population, but it’s still a guess.

Digital marketing lets you target a particular audience with customized, high-converting messaging.

You may target social media advertising by age, gender, geography, interests, networks, or behaviours. You might also use an SEO expert to target visitors who’ve searched for terms relating to your product, service, or sector.

  • It’s less expensive than outbound marketing.

Digital marketing lets you evaluate daily campaign success to adjust spending for good returns. Traditional advertising can’t say the same. Even if it doesn’t convert, your billboard costs the same.

The added benefit of digital marketing is that you may direct your financial resources as you see fit. Instead of PPC advertising, you can buy design tools to generate high-converting Instagram content. A digital marketing plan lets you constantly pivot, saving money on underperforming channels.

If you want to get the most out of your advertising budget, digital marketing is the way to go since it is more cost effective and offers more chances.

  • Digital marketing lets you compete with major companies.

It’s hard for small businesses to compete with big companies, many of whom have millions to spend on marketing. Thankfully, if you use a planned approach to digital marketing, you can easily outrank the industry leaders.

For instance, you may utilize long-tail keywords to generate search-engine-optimized content. While search engines don’t care about whose brand is more extensive, they prioritize information likely to impact specific demographics most.

Digital Marketing Challenges

Digital Marketing Challenges

As we know, there are pros & cons to everything, so with some great benefits of digital marketing come challenges. Let us have a look:

  • Customer-centric market¬†

Adopting a customer-centric strategy may be challenging in a world where consumers’ wants and requirements constantly shift. Despite the importance of adopting a customer-centric approach to advertising, recent research found that.

  1. Sixty-six percent of consumers report that their expectations of one sector are affected by their experience in another.
  2. Fifty-two percent of consumers want personalized offerings all the time.
  3. While 66% of consumers want to be treated like individuals by businesses, the vast majority (66%) feel they are treated like a number instead. Just 48% of consumers say they trust firms.
  • Creating engaging content

While media like podcasts and YouTube videos have grown in popularity recently, standards for “engaging content” have altered dramatically. Although not an entirely novel development, there is a growing need for high-quality material. To engage the audiences they want, agencies must think outside the box and develop new content presentation and communication strategies.

  • Complying with privacy & data-sharing regulations

Only 27% of customers are comfortable with how businesses utilize their data, and 86% want more information. Constant changes in privacy laws and eliminating third-party cookies provide ongoing challenges for digital marketers. More and more people from all around the globe are visiting websites, so organizations need to make sure they’re following the rules in every area they’re trying to reach.

  • Mobile friendly approach

Smartphone and tablet use among consumers has increased dramatically in recent years. The majority of online shoppers now use their mobile devices, therefore businesses need to make sure their sites are mobile-friendly. 

  • The Rise of Omnichannel Marketing

Email, social media, paid search engine results, native app downloads, and third-party messaging services should all be part of a company’s omnichannel marketing strategy. Marketers must personalize their messages across all of these platforms and ensure that they are consistent. It was found that 74 percent of consumers had initiated and finished a purchase across several channels.


Don’t assume that life will go back to as it was in 2023, although 2020 brought so many unexpected changes. Many of the disturbances last year will persist for a very long time. Even in the post-pandemic future, specific industries, such as e-commerce and virtual events, are expected to thrive. That’s why, in 2023 and beyond, success will need a laser-like focus on finding and connecting with your ideal consumers, establishing your brand’s credibility with a good brand identity design company, and staying current on the newest developments in digital marketing on Google and social media.

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