Understanding the Types of Backlinks – SEO Enhancers and those to Avoid

In 1996, Sergey Brin and Larry Page wrote the first-ever Google algorithm, and it stated that when websites contain different types of backlinks from authoritative sources then that website must be rich-quality. Over the past decade, Google has made thousands of changes in its initial algorithms. These upgrades have made the Google algorithm even more complex.

Despite all the alterations, Google still considers backlinks to be one of the most important elements in determining a website’s ranking. Although Google didn’t change how vital backlinks are, more and more types have been launched to determine the quality and ranking of websites. However, let’s not forget the three primary elements of a backlink that influence or reshape your website.

  1. The authority of the linking site: High-quality websites provide long-lasting and more valuable types of backlinks. Google regards backlinks from authoritative domains as more reputable and favorable than those from low-quality and lesser-known websites.
  2. Do-follow versus No-follow links: When you add a link to your website, you can use HTML code to make your link as no-follow or do-follow. A do-follow link provides SEO value to the links. However, a no-follow link tells the search engine not to notice the link, leaving them with little benefits to SEO. A do-follow link has much more value and better signal sending ability to search engines than a no-follow link. Plus, more do-follow links make your website more SEO-friendly. But, this wouldn’t make a no-follow link any less valuable when it comes to driving traffic to your website.
  3. On-site link position: We are aware that each website contains distinct sections, and the significance of a link may vary according to the section in which it appears. The most valuable links appear in the body of a website. In contrast, those placed in the footer, header, or sidebar may not be considered as valuable as the main body by the search engine. This is a vital difference to keep in mind when you seek to build quality backlinks. Always make sure to include most of the links in the main body of a website.

Five Types Of Backlinks You Must Know

Types of backlinks

Business Profile backlinks

Many digital marketers believe that directory profiles are the key source of backlinks. However, avoiding spam directories and focusing on working backlinks is an art and has much more importance. Search engine business directories are the go-to options if you want to optimize your business profile backlinks.

Google my Business: GMB is known to be the most significant business directory online today. Setting up your GMB account enables you to optimize your presence on Google SERPs and Google maps.

Yahoo Localworks: If you want to manage directory listings for more than 70 distinct platforms using a single interface, Yahoo Localworks is the best option.

Bing Places for Business: Every month, more than 850 million users utilise the Bing search engine, with the majority of them coming from the United States. So, associating with Bing Places can help you generate a business profile backlink quickly and boost your online visibility at tremendous rates.

Editorial Backlinks

What is Editorial Backlinks

An editorial link refers to the most-valued type of backlink that you can include in your link-building plans. It ensures that your website is authoritative when it comes to backlinking. Generally, these links are built when your site content is cited as a primary source for information (such as a blog or an article), you are interviewed, or your site is included on a specific keyphrase.

Along with that, to make sure your editorial backlinks are working well, use content that represents you as a thought leader, and earn a significant status for you and your website so that you become a go-to choice for others. Draft compelling content that encourages people to click and can easily go viral on the internet. Plus, build your content strategy with the help of the Best SEO Company to target the right, high-volume keywords and key phrases like your competitors.

And from there, you get links to other well-recognized directories, such as:

  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages
  • Foursquar
  • Local.com
  • AboutUs
  • Better Business Bureau

Guest-Blogging Backlinks

These backlinks stand among the most significant types of backlinks that your website must have in your link-building strategy. Here’s know, how guest-blogging backlinks work:

First, you contact the owner of a third-party website of your niche with good authority.

After that, make an offer to create genuine content to publish on that website, and in return, you can put your company’s website link in the post.

They get new content for their website, and you get a new, fresh backlink to your company website from an authoritative website – it’s a win-win for both parties.

Reddit/Quora Backlinks

Though backlinks available on social media platforms are not of very high quality, they can sometimes drive significant audiences to your website. Here’s how you can get one:

Find questions about your niche on social media sharing websites like Reddit or Quora.

When you see the same question repeatedly appearing in search results, write top-rated content and post back. Also, don’t forget to cite examples and evidence to support your answer. If possible, upload attractive images to make them more engaging and high-quality.

If you see the same question again, first, give a basic overview of your detailed answer. Secondly, provide a backlink to your original answer so that readers can hop back for more information.

If your answer is what readers are looking for, your organic reach will increase, and you can enjoy more free backlinks.

Social Profile Backlinks

Importance of Social Profile Backlinks

While you are building editorial backlinks, why not take time to create social media profiles simultaneously? These are the easiest types of backlinks you can have for your website.

When you are setting up a social media profile for your business, there is always a space to add a backlink to the parent website. When the online audience lands on your social media profile, there’s a high probability that they might end up visiting your company’s web pages. You can also boost your social media profile with high-rated links from authorized sources.

Getting more people to visit your brand page is the primary way to optimize the impact it can have on people, and that begins by educating the internal team.

Furthermore, even a start-up company with a small group of employees can build a good amount of backlinks with a well-calculated strategy. It’s possible by creating social media profile. Here are some of the most popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook: One backlink for creating a Facebook account.
  • LinkedIn: One backlink for creating a LinkedIn account.
  • Instagram: One backlink for creating an Instagram account.
  • Twitter: One backlink for creating a Twitter account.

You can ask your employees to share your company’s profile link in their profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., for more reach. Therefore, you will end up having several backlinks to your website.

Types of Backlinks You Must Avoid

The links mentioned above positively impact your website’s organic search. Next, let’s have a look at the backlinks that you don’t want to have for your website.

Spam Backlinks

You don’t want to get penalized by search engines for flooding the internet with your website’s links. That’s spamming! It is one of the most standard ways to drive traffic back to your website, but it is treated as spam across the internet and a good SEO Company never follow these types of practises.

The types of backlinks considered spam by various search engines include:

  • Comment links
  • Forum links
  • Spam Content Websites
  • Low-Quality Directory Content

Irrelevant Backlinks

Spam Backlinks

Editorial links are the types of backlinks that are usually included within the body of the blog or article or any piece of content, driving the relevant public back to your website for more information. Any link that appears anywhere else apart from the body is considered low-quality and spam by search engines. They are:

  • Header, Footer, or Sidebar backlinks
  • Sitewide links (links featured on every page of a website)
  • Links from Irrelevant Website (links generated from websites with an unrelated or different niche)

Paid Backlinks

When you purchase backlinks from other websites or backlink providers, it falls under the Paid Backlink category. There are two ways to do that:

Single Website Paid Backlinks

Some websites will charge a monthly or one-time-payable fee to allow your website’s link on their website. This paid advertisement doesn’t depend on how valuable your content might be or what quality it holds. It solely depends on your pocket – the ability to pay the webmaster for the promotional link.

Not just relying on this practice is unethical but also contributing to poor user experience. The webmaster you are paying will go to great lengths to ensure that your website engages in all types of spam tactics your brand doesn’t want to be associated with.

Paid Backlink Packages

The webmasters who sell all types of backlinks in a specific package must be avoided like the plague. These service providers mainly target start-ups or newcomers who think they need thousands of backlinks to get started. Mostly, these website owners do not know how to generate organic traffic.

They use automated systems to spam your website’s link on various forums, comments, social sharing pages in all corners of the internet. You do get a lot of backlinks, but all are of bad quality, resulting in ranking penalties.

Final Words

This guide mentioned above will most likely help you avoid making bad-quality backlinks to your website. It focuses on the five best backlink strategies you can use in your next campaign and those you must avoid in order to save your website from search engine penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Reciprocal backlinks?

An exchanged backlink, also known as a reciprocal backlink, is a type of backlink when two webmasters link back to one another’s website on an agreement. Basically, two parties agree on something that benefits both. It might look like a good SEO practice. However, it isn’t. This strategy falls under black SEO link schemes practice.

What is a Link Scheme?

Any link that impacts PageRank or a website’s ranking in search results may be considered as a part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster’s Guidelines. It includes any practice that manipulates links to your website or outgoing links from your website.

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