Great Online Tools

Who can Use Free Online Tools for their Specific Needs?

The goal should be to work smarter not harder – using online tools can help you save time & energy & increase your work efficiency. There is a range of great online tools & we have covered the important ones in this blog.

In today’s fast-evolving, competitive environment, maintaining peak productivity levels can be challenging. Fortunately, there is a myriad of great online tools and software that help people focus on their work and retain significant work efficiency.

These powerful online tools encourage everyone in the team to work in coordination on various projects from any corner of the world. From small businesses and start-ups to marketers, designers, and engineers, anyone can use these tools and experience a massive boost in their productivity.

The best thing about online tools is that most of them are available for little to no money. They reduce workloads gradually, improve productivity, enhance capacity, and the price of these tools can be offset by reductions in other parts of the budget.

Have a look at some of these great online tools and who can use them to meet their specific goals.

Table of Content

  1. What are the benefits of using online tools?
  2. List of great online tools for specific needs
  3. Conclusion

What are the benefits of using online tools?

Benefits of using online tools


Setting work goals will help you prioritize long-term and short-term tasks before making any informed decisions. And you can achieve it by using online tools. Let’s discuss how these great online tools help individuals achieve their productivity goals.

Productivity –

  • Build custom digital workflows
  • Automate recurring processes
  • Optimize performances
  • Divide & conquer tasks, to-dos & projects

Communication –

  • Encourages meaningful conversations
  • Motivates thoughtful dialogues
  • Drives coordinated decision-making
  • Incentivizes deeper engagement

Accounting –

  • Track expenses & sales
  • Manage payroll & taxes
  • Produce custom reports
  • Analyze finances

Marketing –

  • Automate scheduling
  • Increases work productivity
  • Manage tasks & to-dos
  • Create a website

Here is the list of people who can use these great online tools to reach their goals:

Online Tools for Bloggers

Online tools for bloggers

These online tools for bloggers will help you make effective and strategic blogs.

BuzzSumo – Amazing tool for bloggers. Just enter a topic, keyword, or URL in the search box, and you will get a broad range of content information that works best for blog posts and social media sharing. You can also find the trending topics on BuzzSumo to write your blogs on.

Trello – Put all your blog creatives into Trello and the tool will convert every idea into a card that you can spec out with notes. Use a simple drag-and-drop option and move from one list to another.

Keyword Planner – To ensure your blog reaches a vast number of people, use keywords in your content. With Google’s Keyword Planner, you can enter keywords and the tool will return results with those keywords’ search volume and popularity.

Online Tools for Teachers

Online tools for teachers

Today, it is imperative for teachers to equip themselves with smart online tools to aid them in teaching.

Kahoot – It is a brilliant, game-based learning app that lets you create fun learning games, such as quizzes, true or false, puzzles, sliders, jumbles, and more.

Powertalk – With Powertalk, tutors can enhance their PowerPoint presentation & make it more ‘eye-catching.’ Powertalk can speak text as it displays and can also speak hidden texts on the visuals.

Various other great online tools/apps for teachers include SchoolTube, Youtube Teachers, PaperOwl, Free Quiz Maker, ReadWriteThink, and more.

Online Tools for Start-ups

Online tools for start ups


Launching a new business is an expensive endeavor – buying a domain, registering a business name, getting a server, business plans, building a team. During this time, choosing the right tools to ease up your process can be fruitful. Check out some of the free online start-up tools to pave a smooth way towards success.

Hootsuite – It is probably the best social media marketing tool for start-ups to handle several social media profiles from a single dashboard. With Hootsuite, you can schedule, organize, and report social media content more quickly and smoothly.

MailChimp – It is a comprehensive marketing campaign tool to craft impressive social media ads (Facebook, Instagram), landing pages, campaigns, and sign-up forms. It allows businesses and individuals to send around 12,000 emails to 20,000 subscribers. It features easy customization, powerful templates, and retargeting. Learn more about your customers with MailChimp.

Zoom – After the pandemic breakdown, many organizations have allowed their employees to work remotely and connect through video conference apps. Zoom is a reliable, cloud-based video conference tool. It has features like one-on-one meetings, recording, screen sharing, and video conferencing for up to 100 participants for 40 minutes.

Aha – Aha is an excellent free tool to build game-changing strategies for your business. Since start-ups are always on budget during initial phases, Aha delivers a clear and convenient product vision and collaboration, define business growth goals, and requirements to achieve them. With Aha, you can easily track your ROI.

A few other great online tools for start-ups are Slack, Wave, Freshdesk, and Google Analytics.

Online Tools for College Students

Online tools for college students

For college students, there is a wealth of online resources, right in the palm of their hands. A few of them are – – Don’t go by the name, Bookwormhub is not only for ‘bookworms.’ Using Bookwormhub, students can tackle their overwhelming assignments. Students can check the profiles of professional tutors and ask them for help.

Codecademy – Want to be a professional coder? Codeacademy is your go-to tool. Those students who want to build a website, hone their programming skills, or simply want to break down data for research, try Codeacademy.

Coursera – If you want to learn a new skill or polish old ones, Coursera offers a plethora of courses for everyone. Generally, courses last for 4 to 6 weeks, some are longer. Students can enjoy free courses, however, some of them are paid, but they’re worth it.

Some special mentions – Cram, edX, Evernote, Google Docs, myHomework, Noisli, etc.

Online Tools for Digital Marketers

Online tools for digital marketers

For digital marketers, there is no shortage of great online tools – several to cover 360-degree digital marketing strategies, such as social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, conversion optimization, landing page & lead capture, and more. Let’s discuss some of them –

Loomly – It is a great social media marketing tool powered by Loomly brand success tool designed for tiny social media teams to manage and collaborate efficiently. Its clear and concise interface with easy-to-use features like calendars, workflows, and deadlines make organizing and brainstorming ideas a breeze.

HubSpot – HubSpot Email Marketing is a great, user-friendly tool that features excellent deliverability and native integration with various HubSpot products like free-of-cost CRM. It boasts hundreds of ready-made templates, a drag-and-drop email builder, and in a Free Plan, you can send up to 2000 emails per month.

SEO Tools – Aherfs, SEMrush, Clearscope, Leadfeeder, Upflence, and so many more – a myriad of SEO tools is available for digital marketers. These tools help SEO teams to analyze keywords, keyword difficulty, competition, new terms, content readability, and so on.

A few other great online tools for digital marketers to make sure everything goes as planned include Unbounce, Hotjar, Clearbit, Typeform, Clearbit, and more.

Online Tools for Graphic Designers

Online Tools for Graphic Designers


Online tools have become a staple in the life of graphic designers. Here are some of them to make your work amazing and day productive.

Adobe Photoshop – Show your artistic side with Adobe Photoshop, an extremely powerful tool to craft almost anything. It has countless features that open up several opportunities for graphic designers to create beautiful digital artwork.

Freepik – It is resource online tool that provides graphic designers with a zillion of design templates, fonts, icons, photos, mockups, backgrounds, illustrations, and other design elements free of cost. It also has a powerful search option to narrow down your search for specific elements.

PicsArt – PicsArt is one-of-a-kind online photo editing tool with countess editing features that help you craft a top-grade content. The good part is you don’t have to be a professional photo editor to use it – just go with the flow.

Fotor – Another revolutionary photo editor with easy-to-use tools. Professional graphic designers use this tool to quickly design so many things, such as editing images, design posters, invitation cards, and so much more.

Several other online tools to enhance your graphic design expertise are Mockplus, Marvel, Coolers (Color Scheme Generator), Pixlr, Sketch 3, etc.


Whether you are a student, a teacher, a doctor, a small business owner, or a social media manager, there are tools available for everyone. All great online tools have their pros and cons, so make sure you thoroughly investigate the tool before using them.

Some tools have more free features while others only unlock their premium features upon purchasing. The type of tool you choose depend upon the type of work you want from it.

Get in touch with the Master Infotech experts to learn more about these great online tools. We can help you with a free consultation and suggest tools depending on the nature of your task.

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