The Car Club

The Car Club is the last destination for premier exclusive and interesting luxury cars for you, established in the year 2001 and successfully serving the industry of pre-owned luxury cars. We are committed to delivering the very best quality vehicles at the most prominent competitive costs. Our business ideology is to deliver what we commit on time.

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Project Overview


The Car Club is a company concerned with the sale and purchase of second-hand luxury cars, needed a website portal developed and designed in a very specific way. The website itself required a payment gateway and a separate section of interested parties in selling their cars. The site would be somewhat similar to a multi-brand eCommerce with a specific theme of luxury cars.


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Aims and Goals

During meetings held with the client, some pointers were laid down in the actual understanding of what were the requirements and needs of the client and what possible goals can be set up.

Aims and Goals
  • A design that represents the elements of luxury and cars.
  • To give a highlighted section to the available cars for sale.
  • All the content is to be strategically designed and adjusted in a user-friendly manner.
  • To give a feel of MultiBrand eCommerce website.
  • Easy payment gateway
  • Using the in-trend designs related to the automobile industry to further enhance user retention
  • To make sure the responsive design of the website follows does not complicate the navigation of user through buying and selling.

Problems & Challenges

Problems & Challenges


The main challenges we faced were mainly related to UX and some specific designs for the product page.

  • Since Accelpro is both, a service and a product-based website we had to have a balance of design and give appropriate weightage to pages including both.
  • Finding suitable color schemes for the cool and soft feel of the whole website.
  • Designing a separate page for product specification and features and highlighting each product’s description.
  • With such a wide range of services and products, finding an appropriate design for menu options.
  • Choosing a development technology


The main challenges we faced were mainly related to UX and some specific designs for the product page.

  • We made sure that the design was developed and crafted in a way that allowed for maximum flexibility.
  • Learning about the target audience gave us insights into how the whole theme had to be put together
  • Brainstorming the ideas continuously gave rise to well-formed ideation and changes were introduced
  • Our team put together a series of analyses to redesign a full-fledged visual identity.
  • Our design team followed a user-centric design process to overcome many complex design loopholes.
  • The site is built upon the WordPress platform to meet special plugin requirements.


We started by understanding the basic structure by going through various sitemaps and once the sitemap and structure were in place we moved on to working on content division on optimization on each page. A basic design was drawn out and placement of content across custom page templates was finalized. A wireframe helped us figuring out the flow of the design which further helped us in ensuring easy navigation and greater user experience.


Style and Design Guide


Grid view

12 Grid Desktop 1920px View

Grid view


Style and Design Guide

With a unique blend of services and products of AccelPro, an agile and robust custom CMS was built by our skilled team of developers and designers. The navigation came out to be easy after being put under series of tests our team made sure that the website ran glitch-free, without compromising design quality and elements on all the major browsers and mobile devices. The UX was constructed to match the target audience. Each page was given several elements of movement and animation to strengthen user retention of the site. Our team completed thorough testing on all the major browsers and mobile devices to ensure that the performance was top-notch

services and products
  • Home Page

    Home Page

  • Stock Cars Page

    Stock Cars Page

  • Insurance Page

    Insurance Page

  • Car Details Page

    Car Details Page

  • Car Description Page

    Car Description Page

  • Contact us Page

    Contact us Page