CyferTech: Case Study

Provides Next-Gen Security Solutions for Modern Challenges

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About the CyferTech

CyferTech is a US-based company that provides cybersecurity solutions to big and small enterprises. They bolster your company’s IT sector so that you can focus on your business. CyferTech provides next-generation, enterprise-driven IT security products designed to your unique business needs. Today, their innovative approach and around-the-clock solutions helped them build a trusted relationship with large organizations across the USA.


  • Category :Web Development
  • Date :25 June, 2021
  • Client :CyferTech
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Scope and Challenges


CyferTech’s old website wasn’t doing well or speaking to the uniqueness of their business. The product catalog wasn’t clear or stated anything about their products and services. Due to slow site loading speed, CyferTech was losing its sales funnel before reaching the checkout. They needed something that reveals the true identity of their business.

Goals and Objectives.

  1. A website that speaks for their business
  2. Product filtration
  3. Cart system
  4. Improved user experience


Working Process


Discovery Phase

Our first step was to meet with the CyferTech team and understand their requirements and target audience. We gathered all information, their values and mission statement, and the products and services they want to deliver to their clients.

Brainstorming phase

In this phase, we utilized the gathered information to brainstorm ideas to create the best possible layout, sitemap, and wireframes for their website. We ensured that the new CyferTech website was easy-to-navigate unlike the old one. After that, our team conducted thorough research on the target audience to finalize the best design style for the website.

Design and Development

All the creatives and ideas were put together, we prepared a static image of the website. After that, we sent the design to their team for finalization, and as soon as they approved it, our web designers and developers built a dynamic website, keeping in mind their company’s goals and desired audience


After weeks of hard work, dedication, and patience, the new CyferTech website was ready to be delivered. The website underwent strict testing procedures and quality tests to make sure everything is of the highest standard.


Mockups Of website pages


With the combined efforts of Master Infotech and CyferTech’s team, we built a website that puts their products at the forefront. The site has an ultimate loading speed and allows customers to easily pick the cybersecurity product and service they need through an easy filtration system. As a result of our creativity and hard efforts, CyferTech has seen an immediate boost in conversions.

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