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About the Growease

Growease Finvest Private Limited is an AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor, with 18 years of overall experience in managing wealth and providing all kinds of financial services. Growease aims to help their customers attain a financially independent future and cover them at all times.


  • Category :Web Development
  • Date :25 June, 2021
  • Client :Growease
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Scope and Challenges


Growease Finvest Private Limited requires a complete website design to ensure a professional and branded experience for their customers. Growease’s main objective is to help customers get a full array of information about their financial services and all related guidance.

Goals and Objectives.

  1. A well Designed Website
  2. SIP Calculator
  3. Improved user experience


Working Process


Discovery Phase

We work systematic integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available the benefit of the societies where we

Brainstorming phase

After all the information was gathered, we used that information to brainstorm and create ideas that shall serve as building blocks of the user interface of the website. This phase includes the deep insight into the target audience of Growease that will be the foundation of the user experience design of the website.

Design and Development

After putting together all the ideas, the website's user interface is designed keeping in mind the approach that fits the company's objectives and everything it represents. The development took place keeping in mind the highest standards of coding,


The Growease website was delivered after going through strict quality checks and various levels of testing. From the user experience point of view the website was tested vigorously to come up to user expectations when it comes to their target audience.


Mockups Of website pages


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