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Master Infotech should be considered if you require assistance developing an effective email marketing plan.

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Master Infotech is a one-stop solution to all SMS marketing problems.

If you can't communicate your brand's story to the correct people, our experts can help your brand reach the target audience with our highly reliable and scalable SMS marketing services.

We use efficient messaging tools to ensure fast delivery of text messages and maintain track of the campaign. SMS marketing provides a personal experience with customers.

Building trust and effective relationships with our clients

Master Infotech team believes in making your brand value through our scalable and secure services.

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How we communicate with your brand's customers

We at Master Infotech engage with our clientage according to their specifications and needs. Our services range from SMS marketing campaigns to ongoing support.

Partner with our experts as they help you with the following:

  • We understand your requirements
  • Work on implementing best marketing practices for the best results
  • Regular monitoring of SMS campaign performance
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Why choose Master Infotech for SMS marketing services


Bulk SMS marketing services

At Master Infotech, we offer bulkSMS marketing with automated campaigns; we work with clientage in various industries like real estate, healthcare and e-commerce.


Skilled Team

Our highly skilled team provide comprehensive SMS marketing solutions. Experienced professionals handle your brand's digital marketing and help you with graphics, content writing and much more.


TCPA - Compliant Text Service

We make sure you remain TCPA compliant with every SMS you send. Our team helps keep your subscription lists transparent and ensures we never work with illegal purchase lists.

Frequently Asked Questions

SMS marketing is a digital marketing strategy that uses text messages to promote a product, service, or brand. This type of marketing typically involves sending promotional messages, alerts, or updates to customers and prospects who have opted-in to receive notifications from the brand.

While it is technically possible to send videos in text messages, the size and duration limitations of messaging platforms may make it impractical. Some messaging apps, like WhatsApp and iMessage, support video sharing, but SMS messages do not support video.

A shortcode is a shortened phone number used in SMS marketing to send and receive text messages. It's typically 5-6 digits long and is easier to remember than a complete phone number.