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Cryptocurrency And Tokens

How do cryptocurrency and tokens affect your change?

“Whenever the price of cryptocurrency is rallying, people start spending a lot more”


Digital Representation

Crypto tokens are a digital representation of an asset in something built on a blockchain. Crypto coins are designed to be used as currency.



Used as investments to make value or purchases.



Value designed to facilitate transactions.

What we provide

NFT Token Development

NFT( Non- Fungible Token)

  • NFT development
  • NFT marketplace
  • Customisation & Integration
BEP-20 Token Development

BEP-20 Token Development

  • Completely decentralised solution
  • POS & DPOS Supported
  • Interoperable with other frameworks
Defi Token Development

Defi Token Development

  • Defi smart contract for tokens
  • Automated tokens
  • Defi wallet development for tokens
Crypto Coins Development

Crypto coins development

  • Crypto coin creation
  • Crypto coin mining
  • Trading software

Cryptocurrency Coin and Token Development Services

We create multiple coins and tokens on blockchain technology.

Virtual Games

Virtual games







Crypto Trading

Crypto trading

Crucial stages to create your cryptocurrency stage



Our experts initially plan for the crypto exchange to solve the problem in the market.

Budget Analysis

Budget analysis

Clients need to calculate their budget for projects. Teh development process includes exchange rates and offshore development.



The assembly of different teams help in after development of cryptocurrency exchange platforms, currency and tokens.



The launch depends on the product architecture, which depends on work and scalability capacity. Teh launch is finalised after your product is faster than your competitors.

Why choose Master Infotech for token and coin development services?

We at master infotech thoroughly research market execution for different cryptocurrencies and benefit from the token and coin development services.



We provide 24/7 technical support to our client’s work.



The company successfully implements security protocols which make the specific supreme quality tokens.

Skilled Blockchain Developers

Skilled blockchain developers

We have a team of fully skilled and highly experienced blockchain developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tokens are developed in several steps, including determining the token's purpose, choosing a blockchain platform, defining the token standards, writing the intelligent contract, testing it, deploying it to the blockchain, and promoting and distributing it.

Crypto coins can be used in various ways, depending on their intended purpose and functionality. It is best used in trading and investing, payments, Staking and governance

Customers' cryptocurrency protection is an essential concern in the cryptocurrency industry, as blockchain technology's decentralised nature means no central authority is responsible for safeguarding customers' funds.