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Studies tell us that every $1 invested in UX design results in a $100 return!

That is why we at Master Infotech, are focused on creating interfaces that will make user-interaction a wonderful experience.

What is UI design?

User interface design is the process of creating interfaces of an application or device that users find easy and flexible to use.

Following points list the tasks that are handled under UI Design:

What is UX design?

To put it simply, UX design is about enhancing the user’s experience by delegating ease of navigation and interaction on a software’s interface.

Following points list the tasks that are handled under UX Design:

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

-Pablo Picasso

At Master Infotech we not only uphold the Design Principles of interface and experience but know how to break them cleverly.

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Massive Business Growth

A good user interface can increase websites' coversion rates by up to 200%

We Follow 4 Golden Rules of UI/UX Design which act as guidelines to create attractive and efficient Interfaces


Consistent Interface

In any design, consistency is the key. A design that consistently impacts the mind of the user when making an impression of your interface. To accomplish superior consistency we pre-decide everything right from the sizes of icons to shapes and styles of buttons. Once our style guides are set, all the interfaces that we create give an essence of consistent identity which makes sure that your users navigate without exiting the app or website.


Control to the user

There is one thing that UI/UX design study has let us know, i.e. users love control. Our main objective of any app or website that we design is to make the work of users as easy as possible and simultaneously give them the information they are looking for, as simply as possible. Simple, clean, and aesthetic interfaces deliver a sense of control to the users which makes them comfortable and motivates them to navigate further.


Minimalist design

Minimalism has been in trend when it comes to design for some time now. The simple fact is, minimalism creates the perception that something can be understood and worked with ease in the minds of users. All our designs are clean and minimalist which are aimed at enhancing the experience of the users making interactions as useful as possible.


Reducing users’ memory load

The most important rule we follow is making sure that we do not increase the load on the user’s memory. The most important aspect of UI/UX is to know that the user has a short-term memory so giving more information never works. We follow strict guidelines on how much information will be delivered to the user in which phase we further provide consistent visual cues so that the user is able to recall and remember all necessary information.



Our Strategical Design Process

Our process is tailored to give you an all-around design advantage.


Design Research

The initial research that discusses the goals and vision of the business.


User Personas

By studying the market and target audience we make personas of the users by studying choices and behaviors.


Design Ideation

Creating Inspiration and mood boards to specify design elements and overall design approach.


Wireframe and Mockups

The initial design layouts and mockups of the final designs of the website.


Design Prototypes

Low and High Fidelity prototypes of the website to understand the working flow of the website.



Various tests to make sure that the design working flow and design harmony enhance the user-experience.

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