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Web Design and Development Services in Mohali

Our Web Development Professionals Provide you with One-of-a-Kind Solution for Your Company

We have a devoted and professional team of developers at Master Infotech who have extensive expertise in designing commercial projects on a variety of web design & web development platforms, including WordPress, Magento, Spotify, CakePHP, Drupal, etc. For years, our Website Development Company in Mohali has received nothing but praise and happiness from clients.

Impressive themes, eye-catching designs, and exceptional visual effects have helped us rise to the top of the web design & web development industry. Furthermore, our exceptional team at Master Infotech recognizes that each organization is unique and requires unique criteria in order to be desirable. As a result, we use a one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge solution to create an impact as a web development company in Mohali.

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Confidentiality in Web Development

Confidentiality in Web Development

Responsive Web Desig

Responsive Web Design is a type of web design that adapts to the size of the

Support & Upkeep

Support & Upkeep

User-friendly Navigation

Navigation that is user-friendly

Services that we specialize in

Online Ordering System

Online Ordering System/Shopping Car

Event Reservations

System for Event Reservations

Business software

Business software/web application

Password Protection

Pages with Password Protection

Blog/news management

Management of the blog/news

Managing Content system

System for Managing Content

Reservation/Booking System

Reservation/Booking System

social media integration

Integration of social media

mobile devices application

Application for mobile devices



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Web Desing and Development Services

Obtaining information

Gathering information is the first step in the web development process at Master Infotech. In this step, our professional design team creates a paper representation of your company's vision and thoroughly understands why you want to establish a website. Our expert next goes over your company's objectives, target audiences, and the type of material you want to see from potential customers. This is all extremely important in determining the foundation of your website design.


Our developers' team plans and prioritizes the tasks for website completion using all of the information gathered. It contains the following items

  1. Creating a graphical layout for your website
  2. The process of creating wireframes
  3. Content outlines and storyboards that are responsive
  4. Flowcharts for websites
  5. Divisions on your website to display your products and services
Web Designing & development company in Mohali
 Best Web designing service in Mohali


Our web designers construct a well-structured website with a strong aesthetic presence. This design is created to meet the needs of the clients. The following items are included in this web design phase.

  1. Designing wireframes and elements
  2. Mock-ups
  3. Client approvals and reviews are required
  4. Final web design evaluation


After the web design phase, our highly qualified and great developers and programmers will begin writing sophisticated web development codes in order to create a functional and user-friendly website with suitable navigation throughout this phase. This has helped us become the leading Website Development Company in Mohali.

  1. Development in Magento, WordPress, Laravel, and more platforms
  2. For a better experience, we choose an efficient database.
  3. The most recent features and functions
  4. Our in-house content writers create the best content material
Best web development service in Mohali
web design and development


The most important components of website development are testing and delivery. Master Infotech ensures that your website functions as planned before launching it to the public. We'll test your website in a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and others. Master Infotech is the leading web design company in Mohali. In addition to that, we will also check the responsiveness of the website, that it is functional on all devices.

  1. Approval of the prototype
  2. Content inspection and proofreading in depth
  3. Using Google Analytics to connect your website

Our work doesn’t end on delivery!

Get 3 months of Free-maintenance on your website


The completion of your website does not imply the end of your services. To minimize any future trouble, we provide dependable maintenance services. Providing you with the source code and project materials, working on reviews, and post-development assistance are all part of this phase. All our clients have been fully satisfied with our web design & web development services in Mohali and have received tremendous support from us in form of smooth maintenance.

 web design & web development experts
Website according to  Niche

Website according to Niche

Master Infotech can design websites for any niche, whether it's an online eCommerce business, a financial business, a restaurant, a sports center, a gymnasium, a law practice, or anything else.



We have the ability to make your ideas a reality. Our high-quality and dependable web design & web development services can help you make it ideal for your products and services.

Collaboration with Experts

Collaboration with Experts

Our certified web design & web development staff has extensive knowledge and experience in coding, markup, and style languages. We can assist you in developing a website that sells by utilizing innovation and current methods.

Create a Personal Brand

Create a Personal Brand

To professionally create your business, we have an experienced team of branding experts and brand identity designers to help you personalize the experience of brand building.

Meet Our Team At Master Infotech we have a team of specialised people that provide unbeatable IT Solutions including Digital Marketing, Web Design and Development, eCommerce Development, Blockchain Development, Mobile App Development, Brand Identity and Business Consulting. We have helped hundreds of clients and helped them reach their business goals.

Master Infotech Team

The Web Development Services we offer

Codeigniter Web Development

Codeigniter Web Development

WCodeigniter is a popular PHP framework for building rich internet applications. Codeigniter aids in the rapid development of unique and dynamic websites. Codeigniter comes with a large number of libraries for typical activities, as well as an intuitive user interface and a logical framework for accessing these libraries. Codeigniter is a robust and highly adaptable framework for building sophisticated web applications. Binary Data uses the Codeigniter framework to provide full web development services. Our web developers are highly competent and experienced, and they have a wide range of technical talents that enable them to provide high- quality web development services. We use our years of experience with CodeIgniter to provide a wide range of web development solutions. CTA

Web Development in PHP

Web Development in PHP

We conduct extensive studies on the needs and objectives of businesses. Our highly skilled developers work tirelessly to create an engaging PHP website for you. PHP is used on more than 75% of websites today. PHP is one of the most popular and widely used server-side programming languages. We can alter superfluous scripts, maintain codes, and fix errors more quickly with PHP Web Development. We have extensive experience and competence working on a variety of projects based on this widely used server-side language. With the goal of reducing costs and time, we offer 100 percent original and high-quality custom PHP website development services in Mohali as well as a tried-and-true PHP development method.

 Open Cart Web Development

Open Cart Web Development

OpenCart is one of the most straightforward and user-friendly eCommerce development platforms available. OpenCart CMS is a robust content management system that is commonly used in the building of eCommerce websites. One of the most widely used and popular eCommerce shopping cart solutions is OpenCart. This content management system is used by a variety of online shopping businesses to make selling their services and products simple and quick. It not only has a visually appealing interface, but it also has a CMS that is search engine friendly. Websites and applications built using OpenCart may be simply optimized for multiple search engines. Our professional ope cart developers provide OpenCart modification services that are faster, easier, and of the highest quality.

CMS Web Development

CMS Web Development

It is no longer a difficult task; several Content Management Systems make it simple to design and administer your website. It is now simple to manage your website's content, and search engines appreciate well-organized and well-designed information. Small businesses can now receive a dynamic and content-rich website at an inexpensive price thanks to the various CMSs available today. Small business websites, community sites, social networking websites, online portals, and a variety of other website kinds are all part of our CMS web building services. We have years of expertise designing websites using a variety of content management systems (CMS), including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and another popular open-source CMS.

Magento Web Development

Magento Web Development

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that is both strong and frequently utilized. It is the world's second most popular e-commerce software. Magneto provides a diverse set of themes, modules, and plugins to help you build exactly what you need for your e-commerce site. Magento has a simple user interface with advanced tools for Catalog Management, Order Management, Payment, Checkout, and Shipping. It's also useful for corporate performance reporting and analytics. The Magento platform's pre-integrated Mobile HTML5 allows you to create a mobile-friendly E-commerce website. E-commerce websites designed on this platform work effectively on any device, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Magento websites are also optimized for search engines. With the help of our Magento website developers, you can create your e-commerce website right now. Our professionals have years of experience and can help you with all of your business needs.

WordPress Customization

WordPress Customization

We specialize in customizing and professionalizing WordPress sites. The unique and fantastic CMS is used by 26% of websites all around the world. We are committed to developing websites that are effective, strong, and engaging. Our skilled website developers conduct in- depth analyses of your business demands to produce a website that is truly beneficial to you. Our website developers use the most up-to-date technologies to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.

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